Why do people use drugs?

Broadly speaking, drugs are all substances which affect the health, perception of the environment and behavior of a person. Usually drugs are substances which people use to achieve the state of exhilaration, but these substances are prohibited by law and cause harm to the health. Drugs can be of both natural and synthetic origin. Virtually every drug has its own name (and not only one). All drugs cause addiction. This is the desire to take a drug again and again.

Drug addiction can be both mental and physical. This means that after the end of exposure to a drug a person sooner or later has an inexpugnable desire to take it again. In most cases, this desire is impossible to resist and the person goes for a new dose.
The drug myths listed below answer the question of why people start using drugs.

Myth «Amphetamines help to prepare well for an important event (for example, an exam), energize and help overcome a difficult period of life»

Some people believe that amphetamine helps in hard times. In fact, amphetamine causes exhaustion and memory impairment. Psychological dependence can occur fairly quickly. A person cannot study and work without this substance. In addition, a person buying amphetamine can never be sure that the substance does not contain toxic impurities. At any time, such addiction can lead to death.

Myth «Ecstasy at the holiday on the weekend does not harm anyone»

In fact, it is impossible to determine for sure the purity of the substance when buying ecstasy. You can always get a tablet with toxic additives. Ecstasy wears out the body, much more than alcohol. In addition, ecstasy quickly causes mental addiction. The human body wears out more with ecstasy than with alcohol.

Myth «I have no addiction. I can quit at any time if I want»

Some people who use drugs think they can always stop doing it. They believe that small doses do not create problems. In fact, almost all drugs quickly cause addiction of a person. The emergence of such addiction is difficult to notice. As a rule, it is much more difficult to kick the drug habit than a person might think.

Myth «Cannabis is not addictive »

Many people believe that cannabis is less harmful than tobacco. However, there is evidence that cannabis is addictive. If tobacco harms only human health then cannabis also causes memory impairment. People who use cannabis are often apathetic and indifferent. Cannabis is also extremely dangerous when driving.

Myth « Almost all people know everything about drugs and tested them. »

Many young people think their friends know a lot about drugs. They have tested everything, know their influence, and their stories can be trusted. In fact, there is a lot of incorrect information about drugs, even among people who use drugs themselves. Even people who use narcotic substances for a long time do not know much about them. It should be borne in mind that the body of each person is individual. No one will ever be able to predict exactly how the drug will affect you. No one person can ever predict exactly how the drug will affect you.

Published at October 14, 2018

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