Why not try natural ways first?

By Elli Stone
Updated 2024-04-01 08:51:57 | Published 2021-01-25 15:01:59
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Natural Ways for Treating ED

Erectile dysfunction has been a common problem among men for a long time. Lots of the men who have this kind of issue use Viagra, a drug that papered on the market decades ago and has done wonders for those suffering from ED. Some people (including women) even use the drug with the aim of increasing sexual pleasure and enhancing libido.

However, there is a second line of treatment which is safer and easier ways of dealing with erectile dysfunction. These are significant ways of achieving the same effect through nature. These include herbs, foods, over the counter supplements of testosterone hormone, and healthy lifestyle in general.

It should be noted that sexual problems are not only limited to men but also are very common in women. So check out some natural ways that might help you deal with your sexual disorders.


It has been found that watermelon is among the most effective foods that act as a natural sexual enhancer. Just a piece of its green portion is rich in citrulline chemical. This chemical produces arginine, which is an amino acid, and nitric oxide. These compounds help boost sex urge and facilitate sturdy erections.

Green vegetables

These include spinach and cabbages. Being one of the healthiest foods, they contain lots of vitamins and minerals. For instance, vitamin E helps in energy production and also releases hormones that help in sexual satisfaction.


This is a natural plant which means that it has no side effects unlike ED drugs. It is absolutely safe (as well as very delicious) to drink a cup of pomegranate juice to boost your sexual function. Researchers found out that pomegranates are rich in antioxidants which increase blood supply to the body organs including the genitals. This is essential in maintaining a steady erection during sexual activity, and definitely increases and prolongs your pleasure.

Nuts and dry fruits

These include walnut and pumpkin seeds among many others. Pumpkin seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids which regulates sex hormone levels. Walnuts also contain omega 3 fatty acids plus vitamin B3 which boosts sperm quality and increases blood flow to the genital region. These also help in maintaining a steady erection.


Ginkgo biloba, damiana and panax ginseng among others are herbs that are often used as aphrodisiacs. Damiana’s effects on libido are rapid making it ideal for use on requirement basis. Ginkgo biloba increases sexual sensation by improving blood supply to the genital area of women. However, its effect takes root in about 2 to 3 months. Ginseng improves circulation to the genitals and increases the level of nitric oxide. Originally, these herbs are mostly found in the wild in Central America, Mexico and also in the Amazon.


Exercise is a great, natural way to strengthen your health, which in turn will lead to better sexual drive among other health benefits. This makes the body physically fit and boosts confidence as well. Besides, exercise increases nitric oxide levels in the muscles. The high levels of nitric oxide will then improve your erection stability and endurance.

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