What is anxiety?

Published at 04.08.2018 06:52
Published at 04.08.2018 06:52
Do you often feel anxiety? Do not worry about it. This is the way it normally is. It is an integral component of the human psyche. It is normally for a living, healthy person, who is able to respond adequately to changes in the external world and/or in one's own organism. A psychologically healthy person necessarily worries, fears and also experiences other negative and positive feelings in order
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Published at 04.08.2018 06:47
In Greek, the term "allergy" means "another, alien". It reflects the essence of this common disease. All manifestations of allergy ranging from a common runny nose and ending with a severe form of asthma represent an inadequate reaction of the immune system to a particular irritant (allergen). (more…)
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Published at 04.08.2018 06:43
Surgical removal of the prostate gland is performed to help patients suffering from prostate cancer. Surgical treatment is most effective at stages 1 and 2 of cancer, until the tumor didn’t spread metastases. Identified at an early stage of prostate carcinoma requires complex care with the use of radio and chemotherapy. (more…)
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Published at 03.08.2018 12:27
Bronchial asthma is an ailment that affects the respiratory system, which is the system used by human to breath . This ailment is characterized by a chronic course of inflammatory process, as a result of which the walls of the bronchi thicken and prevent normal breathing. This disease is serious because respiratory embarrassment accompanies the patient with bronchial asthma and can lead to
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Published at 31.07.2018 08:00
Some persons, especially the elderly, confuse osteoarthritis with rheumatoid arthritis. Complaining of the disease they have in mind strong pains in joints. The signs are similar but the difference between osteoarthritis and arthritis still exists. It is very important to know these differences in order to understand the processes that occur in the cartilaginous tissue and take the right actions
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Published at 30.07.2018 11:37
An asthma attack in our age of stress full of allergens has become a frequent disease of breathing organs. This disease manifests itself in the form of periodic attacks of shortness of breath or violent cough, which sometimes develop? into choking fits (it is condition when a person can not breathe). (more…)
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Published at 30.07.2018 11:29
  Modern medicine can not give an unambiguous answer to the question of how to get rid of dog allergies. Persons with an allergy are completely healthy outside of contact with an irritator agent, in this case a dog. It is best for them to beware of such undesirable encounters, and also to try to create around themselves a favorable environment: clean air, moderate humidity and comfort.
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Published at 30.07.2018 11:16
Dose frequency and therapy regimen depend on how long antibiotics stay in your system. For example, there are drugs that the patient should take every 4 hours and there are those that you can take only once in a few days. The drug in the process of medication intake is concentrated in certain organs. For example, Lincomycin is best accumulated in the bones, so it is more often used in the
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Published at 28.07.2018 07:05
Public health is the health of the population as a whole, formed due to the impact of social and biological factors. It is estimated based on certain indicators: basic (demographic, indicators of morbidity, physical development), additional medical-demographic and sociological. This is a combination of sciences, skills and concepts aimed at preserving the health of all people through collective
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