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Fatigue and Psoriatic Disease

As someone with psoriatic disease, fatigue is a constant presence in my life. Interestingly, my fatigue is more pronounced with psoriatic arthritis than with psoriasis. A few years ago, while I was in law school, I developed stiffness in my neck from studying in an uncomfortable desk chair. I was prescribed a pain medication which not only helped with the pain, but also made me extremely tired.
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Course of my life, I have encountered various identities. These identities do not pertain to having split personalities or being a secret agent with dual identities. Instead, they revolve around the roles I have taken on throughout time. iMedix Knows Best: Watch This Important Video Upon graduating from Berkeley Law in 1974, my primary identity shifted to that of a lawyer. This was a significant
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Good For You

In general, our society places a great deal of emphasis on comparison. This is evident in the phrase Keeping up with the Joneses, which has been around for over a century. The concept of jealousy and comparing ourselves to others is nothing new; it has been a part of human nature for thousands of years. iMedix Knows Better: Wellness 101 - How to Improve Your Overall Health Now, you might be
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My Experiences With Cortisone

In 1967, when I needed a physical examination and chest X-ray to enroll in university, my parents' internist performed the X-ray. After the exam, the physician assured us that everything looked fine. However, a few hours later, he called my mother and urged her to admit me to the hospital immediately. He had discovered an oatmeal-like substance on my left lung once the X-ray had dried. Nowadays,
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When I received my diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, I anticipated starting medication. However, at that time, there weren't as many commercials for PsA medication, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Fortunately, the medication worked well for me. But sometimes, medication alone is not enough. In these cases, we may need to try other complementary treatments. These treatments may be suggested by
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Why Am I an Advocate?

Hi everyone. It's been about a year and a half since I started my blogging journey with iMedix, and I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to them for giving me the platform to raise awareness about psoriatic arthritis and share my personal experiences with it. What is an Advocate? You might be wondering why I choose to talk about my pain, struggles, and challenges with the world. Well,
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Treatment for arthritis and autoimmune diseases. It worked by suppressing the immune system and slowing down the progression of the disease. However, the side effects were severe and included nausea, hair loss, and an increased risk of infections. Another option was a biologic drug, which was a newer and more targeted treatment. It worked by blocking specific proteins in the immune system that
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Moving From Desperation to Hope

Before 1999, patients with severe psoriatic arthritis had a sense of inevitability since any damage to their joints was irreversible. The prospect of needing surgeries and rehabilitation was daunting, and the extent of the damage was uncertain. Move From Desperation to Hope - Two Minute Message Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) could alleviate pain, but did not change the disease's
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Over time, I have come to realize that having a condition like psoriatic arthritis, which limits mobility or causes physical impairment, should not prevent me from asking for help. There should be no embarrassment in needing assistance. There are moments when people can see that I am struggling due to the limitations caused by surgery. One such instance is when I am a passenger on an airplane. I
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Not Throwing Away My Shot

In some of the online groups and social media communities I'm part of for psoriatic arthritis, I've noticed a trend of people trying to avoid medication. Some prefer to explore diet and exercise as alternatives, while others worry about the potential side effects of medication. I have a great deal of respect for both perspectives. Psoriatic Arthritis - 3D Medical Animation Upon receiving my
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