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The respiratory tract is a complex of organs providing the human body with oxygen. This process is called gas exchange.

Published at 06.05.2019 16:33
Breathing occurs through the respiratory system and represented by the respiratory channel, lungs, respiratory muscles, nerve structures controlling functions. Same as the blood and cardiovascular system transporting carbon dioxide and breathing oxygen. (more…)
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Published at 09.09.2018 06:11
A pathological condition of an organism characterized by an interfered gas exchange in lungs is called respiratory insufficiency. As a result of this dysfunction the oxygen level in blood considerably decreases and the carbon dioxide level increases. The hypoxia or oxygen deficiency develops in organs (also in the brain and heart) because of insufficient oxygen influx to tissues. (more…)
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Published at 08.09.2018 20:02
A graduate of a medical college can work as a respiratory therapist if he was majoring in pulmonology. To obtain a degree of the respiratory therapist or the pulmonologist one needs to graduate from medical schools with the specialties "General Practice", "Pediatrics", "Therapy" or "Phthisiology." (more…)
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