Diana West

Charismatic and purposeful, daughter and granddaughter of outstanding figures, Diana West have made a significant contribution to studying and education in such important questions as breastfeeding and its features after operations on breast and nipples.

Educated in the sphere of psychology and being mother of three sons, Diana has collected all the experience of consultation on questions of breastfeeding, strengthened by her own invaluable personal experience, in several books published by her personally and in collaboration with other experts. These books enjoy popularity among young parents and help people worldwide to understand the delicate questions connected with breastfeeding and to overcome various difficulties connected with it, such as low milk production, lactation dysfunctions and consequences of breast and nipples operations. Diana is also the author of the books dedicated to the problems of healthy sleep of babies and their parents, practical questions of modern breastfeeding and breast health issues.

The huge amount of personal experience allows Diana not only to consult people successfully in her private practice, but also to hold lectures, to speak at thematic conferences and to design the specialized websites and also to take part in scientific research and to supervise the international organizations dealing with issues of motherhood and breastfeeding in particular. Diana is also the certified coach on sexual education of children.

Diana West is creator and owner of several large Internet services. This network resources are dedicated to lactation questions are in great demand and provide necessary information to a huge number of the interested people worldwide, helping to cope with the most pressing problems concerning breastfeeding and breast health.

Also Diana is the organizer and director of the international conference in Philadelphia focused on lactation problems in clinical conditions. Successful expert, careful mother and outstanding scientific figure, Diana West still tries to improve the skills and finds time for study, at present she studies at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago.

Dayana took part in the scientific research focused on trans masculine individuals' experiences of pregnancy, birthing and feeding their newborns. It should be noted that the published results of this scientific research enjoy wide popularity. This experience allows Diana to give the qualified consultations to LGBT patients, providing necessary confidentiality and considering specific features and wishes of all clients.

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