Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua

Many people all over the world suffer from different urinary diversions, including bladder cancer. Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua is one of the experts who devoted his life to fighting against these disorders.

Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has got a bachelor degree, master degree and medical degree in Tulane University. Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua has wide experience in Urologic Oncology and Sexual Disorders therapy. Being involved in curing of numerous urinosexual tumors Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua is specifically interested in prostatic and urocyst cancers. He performs surgical operations on a daily basis, paying great attention to reduced impact therapy and modified invasive methods and orthotopic urocyst transplantation.

Since 2013 till present, he holds a position of Associate Professor of Urology, Surgery, and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, he leads the research laboratory, which is focused on premorbid models of transient cell malignant growth development with the aim to study and analyze systemic and intravesicular immune therapy as well as nanoparticulated chemotherapies. Moreover, Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua is managing laboratory which deals with tissue-engineering, i.e. development of tissue-engineered bladder tissue.

The main focus of separate investigations in which Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua participates is to continue work aimed at finding the best preventive measures and treatment courses against sexual disorders in patients after radical cystectomy.

All news and discoveries in the area of the improvement of patients with cancerous growth care are always updated in the portfolio of Doctor Trinity J. Bivalacqua.

By now he has more than 14 years of experience. Mainly his activity is focused on urinary tract endoscopy. He has a license for performing his medical practice.

He was awarded by such reputed organizations as America Urological Association, Society of Basic Urologic Research, American Society of Andrology, American Urological Association Foundation, American Federation for Medical Research and others. At the same time, he is an honored member of such institutions as the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Endourological Society, International Society of Sexual Medicine.

There are a lot of comments and feedback of gratitude patients. They highly estimate himself and his team as a very caring and skillful. Doctor’s Trinity J. Bivalacqua patients respect him for his ability to build personal relations with each of them.