Dr. Arthur L Burnett

Urology disorder. This is the issue, which eventually faced by almost everyone either women or men. We immediately start searching for the best doctor in this area. The one who will perform corresponding surveys, make a diagnosis and prescribe relevant pills. Of course, there are a lot of really highly skilled specialists and one of them is Arthur L. Burnett, II, M. D., M.B.A.

He has got his degree of Bachelor in biology at the Princeton University and later degree of Master at the Johns Hopkins University. Then he took post-graduation education in urology, surgery and reparative urology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Arthur L. Burnett has over 30 years of experience and is a leading specialist in almost all disorders treatment related to genitourinary tract, which includes malignancies such as scrotal, penile, urethral cancers; female urology or genitourinary tract recovery.

During the past 10 years Doctor Burnett has been involved in neurourology investigations performed by basic science laboratory. Mainly these investigations were aimed at the kidney pelvis neurophysiology.

Today Doctor Burnett is a well-known expert in erectile disorders cure. He is a leading operating surgeon focused on prostatic gland cancerous tumor and have performed more than 2300 radical prostatectomy surgeries. He is the one who started applying a single, 3 inch cut at the specific place as well as the “nerve-sparing” way of surgery, which helps further quick rehabilitation of the patient.

Doctor Burnett is the author of 300 articles related to his studies, discoveries and other researches and scientific activities. His articles were published in such famous medical magazines as Nature Medicine, Journal of Urology, Science, and Journal of Andrology, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Additionally, he is travelling around the world and USA as a lecturer.

Dr. Arthur L Burnett

  • In 2016 he received the Distinguished Mentor Award ranted by Urology Care Foundation, for exceptional leadership, skill and ability in serving as a high-quality mentor.
  • At the moment he heads the Basic Science Laboratory in Neuro-urology, moreover, his current rank at the Patrick C. Walsh Distinguished is Professor of Urology.
  • Being recognized and honored by his colleagues Doctor Burnett is recognized by his grateful patients.
  • Despite the fact that Doctor Burnett devotes the majority of his time to the scientific activity he has a good and strong family.
  • Also, it has to be mentioned that in 2018 Doctor Burnett has been selected as Top Doctor of the Year for 2018 by the International Association of Top Professionals.

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