Dr Ben Lynch

Dr Ben Lynch is an outstanding personality and uncommon scientific figure, fearless traveler, loving husband and father and unprecedented fighter for improvement of life quality and health of people.

Educated in several scientific spheres, constantly studying laws of vital activity in practice and experimenting on his own life, Dr Ben Lynch doesn't cease to share the gained knowledge and results of his researches and actively promotes innovative methods of eliminating such serious diseases as schizophrenia and Down syndrome, cancer, different addictions and depressions.

The specialist in naturopathy and also cellular and molecular biology, Dr Lynch has developed a complex program and created a data base dedicated to MTHFR gene mutation, having proved that it's the reason of numerous diseases and deviations in development of the human body. Besides, doctor Lynch has developed an impressive line of production helping to support and restore health. These are dietary supplements having complex and specific action, which Mr. Lynch applies in the medical practice and offers to his patients and also to everyone who wish to get healthier and prevent health deterioration which can be caused by the wide range of negative impacts of the environment and/or society. There is also a number of additional goods meeting the highest standards of environmental friendliness and biological safety.

Dr Ben Lynch promotes paramount importance of disease prevention and urges all interested to unite for creation and development of alternative system for treatment and health care, distributing knowledge of MTHFR gene mutation. The Doctor constantly conducts researches, trying to exert positive impact on treatment of the diseases connected with the mutation of this gene around the world, helping patients with the most various symptoms and opening new aspects and approaches in treatment of the most heavy and widespread human illnesses.

Ben Lynch is the author of a huge number of the publications and books dedicated to this perspective. Recently there was his new book called “Dirty Genes” which investigates the question of discovering genetic potential of the personality. This unique edition contains an innovative program for liquidation of reasons of any diseases and optimization of health. This book is recognized as one of the most advanced guides to maintain a healthy lifestyle corresponding the challenges of the 22nd Century Medicine.

Besides, there is a large number of videocourses, blogs and articles of doctor Lynch in the global network, which describe and study the problem of the MTHFR gene mutation and its consequences in detail.

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