Dr. James M Sears

Dr. James M. Sears has a private pediatric practice in partnership with his brother and father. They live and work in Southern California. James is a certified pediatrician. He and his wife are raising two children. James graduated in 1999. He is currently a respected expert in pediatrics.

You can find many of his articles in medical journals. James shares his experience not only with his colleagues but also with parents around the world. He is actively involved in the content development for a theme-based web site AskDrSears.com. On this website, he answers in detail to the questions of parents about the health and nutrition of children. Dr. Sears co-authored many books about health and development of small children. One of these books called “Baby Book” is still the best-selling encyclopedia for parents. This book has become «Book of Books» for many pregnant women and mothers of babies not only in the US but throughout the world.

Dr. Sears is a practicing pediatrician, conducting treatment and prevention of various diseases in children from their birth until they get 18 years old. You can be sure that this doctor applies an individual approach to each child. In addition to vaccination, examinations and treatment of infantine diseases and injuries he pays special attention to the behavioral disorders in children. This is a very important aspect of his practice because the child's body is constantly evolving and changing. The body of a newborn is very different from the body of a teenager.

Dr. James M. Sears considers it important to make people acquainted (especially parents of small children) with the principles of healthy lifestyles and healthy nutrition. He constantly participates in conferences and lectures on people's health in the United States and other countries of the world. In his lectures he pays special attention to nutrition because he considers that improper feeding is the one of the biggest problems affecting the health of children and adults. Besides participation in conferences, Dr. Sears takes an active part in educational talk shows for children and adults and holds exciting lectures in various cities in US.

Dr. Sears leads an active lifestyle, goes in for sports, travels and loves going hiking and cycling with his daughters.

Feedback from patients and their parents confirms that Dr. James M. Sears is an excellent specialist who is able to find an approach to any child, to draw up an individual plan for the treatment, vaccination and prevention of diseases. He is constantly improving his skills, uses the innovative approach in treatment and diagnosis of childhood diseases.

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