Dr. Michael Hiroshi Johnson

Doctor Michael Hiroshi Johnson got his bachelor degree in Dartmouth College and later a medical degree in the University of Washington. Being focused on urological cancer medicine he passed advanced education in curing such disorders as a cancerous growth in urocyst, nephros, and prostate. Doctor Michael Hiroshi Johnson is focused not only on curing of the above mentioned health problems but also on lasting therapy including fast recovery. In order to achieve those goals, he and his team implement the recent techniques and new interventional methods.

Today Doctor Michael Hiroshi Johnson is a board-certified Assistant Professor of Urology and Oncology, residing in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a reputed urologist – a specialist in men and women urinoexcretory system including men genital organs. Urologic disorders may include any kind of urinary system infections, urocyst and renal stone problems, and urocyst or prostate malignant tumors.
By now he has about 10 years of experience in urology and cancer medicine.

He is one of two dozens of experts of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center specializing in urology. Additionally, Doctor Michael Hiroshi Johnson cooperates with some other hospitals in his area including Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has got Maryland License in his area of activity. Moreover, he was certified for performing such procedures as urologic robotic-assisted surgery, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy, laser lithotripsy, and others.

At the moment he heads the research laboratory which aims at implementing genome and software tools for prophylactic and prognostic measures against malignancy. His activity in this area is financed by the National Institutes of Health, which is interested in personalized medicine. Furthermore, he has got another financing for urocyst tumor therapy and prostate tumor study.

Being invited as a lecturer to different educating institutions he has been awarded for this and investigation activity.

His recent researches are aimed at the definition of tumor-specific antigens in renal cancer, including analysis aimed at determination of the prostate cancer blood-based signature and others.

Also, Doctor Michael Hiroshi Johnson has published many articles in specific medical scientific journals, Book Chapters and Monographs. In internet one can find his videos devoted to surgical methodologies and other related materials.

Being closely involved in research and practice activities Doctor Michael Hiroshi Johnson finds time for doing sports and his family. He spends weekends and holidays travelling around the country and abroad.

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