Dr. Paul Thomas

Dr. Paul Thomas has the degree of master in biology and doctor's degree. He finished his pediatric residency at the UCSD. Paul is a Certified Clinical Research Professional. His specialty is pediatrics and pediatrics for newborns. He has been working in this field since 1988. In addition to working in medical institutions, he is engaged in teaching students of medical faculties.

He has his own medical practice. So, he is well-versed in immunization information. Thomas work helps many people to understand the importance, timeliness and rules of immunization.

He considers it his duty to indicate all the risks and benefits of any medical procedure, including the administration of vaccines. In his practice, he communicates with more than 400 new patients every month and encourages all health workers and parents to apply individual attention to the children. According to the Dr. Thomas, only such measures will help to properly protect children and preserve their health. As an example of one of the studies of Dr. Thomas, we can cite the study of the vaccine against Hepatitis B. This vaccine is intended for newborns and is used directly in maternity clinics.

Dr. Thomas notes very high aluminum content in this vaccine. The rate of this element in this vaccine exceeds the level allowed for a newborn 15 times. The results of the study reveal that aluminum damages the fragile brain of a small child. Therefore, such a vaccine can cause serious harm to the health of your child. The doctor presents his research at numerous health conferences and describes in author's articles and books. Hepatitis B vaccination is needed not for babies but for expectant mothers who have had hepatitis B. These mothers make up about 1% of the total number of mothers.

Dr. Thomas also did research in Norway. The study lasted more than 5 years. More than 80,000 pregnant women took part in it. The main objective of the study was to trace the relationship of folate and autism. The studies were conducted in Norway because in this country there is a very low level of autism in children (1/1000). This level in America is 1/100. The doctor compared US and Norwegian pediatric systems. It turned out that a vaccine against Hepatitis B is not being given to a newborn in Norway. After that, Dr. Thomas corrected his pediatric practice. He stopped vaccinating newborns for hepatitis B. The results were amazing. There was not a single case of autism among his young patients for 3 years after that. Dr. Thomas believes that more research is needed to identify the relationship of vaccination with autism and other diseases.

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