Dr. Robert W. Sears

Dr. Robert W. Sears, MD, highly educated pediatrician with long-term experience and keen researcher of the principles of parenting and healthy development of children, was born and has grown in the family of health professionals and is also a father of three sons now. The doctor is known for his unique approach to issues of vaccination of children and he is the author of several books, which have caused a peak resonance among the public and became really revolutionary, having changed views of parents concerning the order and necessity of children vaccination and having expanded their idea of vaccination and its influence on health and development of children.

Robert Sears supports the idea of combination of traditional medicine and nonconventional methods of treatment, being a zealous adherent of natural medicines and a healthy lifestyle and puts all his efforts into being a role model in this regard. The doctor integrates his research experience in medical practice and he is known for the innovative approach to treatment: in the first place he puts the healthy natural nutrition and strengthening of immune system, he also promotes natural breastfeeding which is on his belief decisive factor in normal development of a children's organism and mentality.

Except for the vaccination problem the doctor is also engaged in studying of methods of treatment and prevention of autism, being a medical consultant of the international non-profit organization which gives support to the families facing autism problem at children. His book about autism allows to gain complete idea of decrease in risk of developing of autism and its early diangostics and gives to parents a complex information of biomedical approach, which doctor Sears successfully uses in treatment of his little patients.

During doctor Sears' consultations parents with children can not only receive professional instructions and advices for treatment, but also discuss their disturbing issues of routine and parenting, share experiences and find qualified support and empathy, as doctor Sears himself is the loving father and the head of a happy family. He also stays available for his clients during time off, being hundred percent pediatrician even then, not attaching particular importance to issues of business and formalities.

Robert W. Sears repeatedly appeared on radio and television and is always glad to share his unique experience and knowledge, he is the author not only of a number of books, but also numerous articles which are published in the most popular editions of the USA.

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