Dr. Robert W. Sears

Dr. Robert W. Sears is a pediatrician and practices his medicine together with his brother and father. He and his wife and three children live in California. This specialist started his private practice in 1998 after completing an internship at a hospital in Los Angeles. Apart from his work Dr. Robert is keen on sports, music and tourism.

Dr. Robert W. Sears takes a multimodal approach to the treatment and prevention of various diseases in his medical practice. He considers a healthy lifestyle an integral part of well-being and strong immunity to diseases. Unlike most pediatricians, he pays much attention to healthy nutrition and tempering of children. Dr. Sears calls for caution with antibiotics and recommends to use them only if necessary after all tests taken. He encourages young mothers not to abandon breastfeeding babies, because it is the key to good immunity and health of the child in the future. Dr. Robert pays close attention to the proper vaccination of young children. In his opinion, an individual vaccination plan should be developed for each baby and additional research should be conducted. Dr. Sears is convinced that children should be vaccinated gradually. He criticizes the generally accepted vaccination schedule and considers that such a large number of vaccines is harmful to the physical and mental development of a child. This specialist encourages parents to closely monitor the health of the baby before and after vaccination as well as properly assess the risks associated with vaccination. He is the author of a book on proper immunization. This book describes the factors and principles of proper vaccination. Dr. Robert also calls on all medical professionals to be attentive to vaccination because his experience and research shows the relationship of vaccination with autism and other diseases.

According to Dr. Sears all parents should be informed about the complications that vaccines can cause after inappropriate administration of the vaccine.

Dr. Robert is the author of the book for fathers in which he describes interesting facts that are must to know for all fathers of young children. You can find numerous articles of his authorship in magazines and online blogs.

Dr. Sears conducts medical inspection at the hospital and visits his patients in their homes. His main principle is an individual approach. You can contact him for help and advice at any time, including weekends. In addition to medical practice, Dr. Sears participates in talk shows and conferences on child health and disease prevention. Positive feedback from parents of young children testifies to the high professionalism of Dr. Robert W. Sears.

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