Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is the expert in heart surgery and has huge experience of work with especially complex cases of diseases in this area. During his long-term practice Dr. Gundry has performed a set of operations worldwide and cooperated with the most eminent experts and medical institutions, holding high positions and having become the honorary member of several American medical fellowships.

Dr. Gundry also became one of the first surgeons who made robot assisted operations. He is a real innovator in the field of minimal invasive heart surgery and the patent holder of several important inventions which are actively applied in modern medicine.

Dr. Gundry also developed and tested on himself the innovative technique of health improvement which is based on the principles of correct way of life and nourishment. This technique has given an impetus for emergence of a worldwide movement which presented health and happy life to a huge number of people.

Steven Gundry is the author of such best-sellers as The Plant Paradox and The Plant Paradox Cookbook opening an essence of his philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. These books change dramatically our idea of healthy food and interaction with the environment. They contain not only arguments of harm of some products which we used to consider useful, but also important secrets of cooking helping to balance body weight and to improve the organism condition by means of simple manipulations with foodstuff and also due to the choice of the correct cooking recipes.

Steven Gundry has established the Gundry MD brand which purpose is improvement of life quality and strengthening of human health. In his medical center hundreds of patients annually are trained to choose an optimum way of life and to create the principles of healthy food to prevent any need of surgical intervention.

Brilliant education, an expert status and well-deserved prestigious honors make the authority of Dr. Gundry unshakable and don't allow to doubt revolutionism of his innovations. He was an active participant of a real breakthrough in heart operations technology. On the basis of long observation of patients a unique product called Vital Reds has been created under the leadership of Steven Gundry. It's a dietary supplement consisting of natural ingredients allowing to increase energy level in the organism and to improve digestion, condition and appearance of skin and other bodies. Dr. Gundry claims that it’s the most simple and effective step to healthy and happy life nowadays.

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