Generic Revatio (Sildenafil)

Generic Revatio
Here you will find most up-to-date and relevant information about the Generic of Revatio, one of the huge army of drugs to fight the erectile problems in men. However the range of the drug's actioin is not restricted only with genital diseases, it also encompasses a wide spectrum of pulmunary disease of various nature. The drug is considered to be really miraculous solution, however the side-effects have to be taken into account duly.
Active Ingredient: Sildenafil
Dosage Form: Tablet
Dosage: 20 mg
Minimum Market Price: 1

General information

It’s mainly used to stimulate potency, but in some cases the drug can be used for complex treatment.

Revatio has numerous analogues, as well as a number of substitutes, but in accordance with the reviews, it’s necessary to remember that it combines the small number of side effects and good action.

There is a high demand for these pills for several years. Together with the reputation it attracts attention of many potential buyers.

The medicine is designed to cure pulmonary and genital diseases. This is possible due to the main substance called Sildenafil. This generic is produced in France, some part of the production sites of the French company are located in the United States. The Latin name is Revatio. The manufacturer indicated on the package is Pfizer PGM.

The tablets themselves have film coating. One pack contains ninety pieces that are two-convex. On each side is the engraving RVT 20 and Pfizer. Round pills have a white shade. They are sealed in blasters of fifteen pieces. The box has to be labeled with the correct barcode and company logo.

The tablet has several components, the main of which is twenty grams of Sildenafil. Additional compounds that are considered as auxiliary, including MCC, magnesium stearate, calcium hydrogen phosphate and croscarmellose sodium are also used.

The coating part consists of white powder, which includes hypromellose, titanium dioxide and others, as well as a transparent structure consisting of hypromellose and triacetin.

The main active ingredient is Sildenafil. The remaining elements are additional material. That is why the application, above all, is consistent with the action of the primary substance.

Revatio affects pelvic organs. It helps to relax and maintain the tone of the sexual organ. In addition, it increases blood flow and the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

It contributes to a rather long and strong erection, prevents premature ejaculation, increases stamina and physical activity. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

The tablets begin to act after the first application. In this case, the first manifestations occur within an hour and persist for 4-6 hours.

You have to remember that the remedy is stimulating, it means, there is an improvement in physical condition, in particular in the groin area. Improving the blood supply allows you to get faster erection, which can be maintained for the required time.

It’s used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and also helps men restore and improve erection, as well as to prolong sexual intercourse.

There are a number of indications for use:

  • decrease in erectile function associated with age;
  • psychological erectile dysfunction;
  • reducing the level of potency associated with the diseases such as prostatitis and prostate adenoma;
  • dysfunction of the genitals associated with chronic fatigue;
  • long course of antibiotic treatment or antidepressants;
  • for the impotence prevention.

It’s prescribed to men from 18 up to 70 years old.

Before taking the remedy, you need to visit a specialist – this will help avoid the occurrence of unwanted effects, as well as provide an opportunity to assess the existing risk. For the same reason, it’s worth undergoing a full medical examination, which can indicate the general condition of the body, as well as help identify the cause of dysfunction.

In some cases, these tablets can be used as a drug. In this case you need special instructions from the attending physician.

What is Revatio?

Revatio is a medication containing sildenafil, primarily used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a condition characterized by high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs. It helps improve exercise capacity and delay worsening of the condition.

How does Revatio work?

Revatio works by relaxing and widening the blood vessels in the lungs, which helps to decrease blood pressure and improve blood flow. It belongs to a class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors.

How is Revatio taken?

Revatio can be taken orally in tablet form, as a liquid suspension, or administered via injection. The usual dosage for adults with PAH is three times a day, approximately 4-6 hours apart. Follow your healthcare provider's instructions closely.

What are the side effects of Revatio?

Common side effects of Revatio include headache, flushing, indigestion, nasal congestion, back pain, nausea, dizziness, and rash. More serious side effects can include vision problems, hearing loss, and priapism (prolonged and painful erection).

Can Revatio be used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED)?

While Revatio contains the same active ingredient as Viagra (sildenafil), it is specifically dosed and approved for PAH treatment, not ED. However, sildenafil, in different dosages, is used for ED treatment.

Is there anyone who should not take Revatio?

Revatio should not be used by individuals taking nitrate medication for chest pain or heart problems. It's also not recommended for those with certain medical conditions related to the heart, liver, or eyes, without a doctor's approval.

Can alcohol be consumed while taking Revatio?

Drinking alcohol while on Revatio can increase certain side effects like headaches, dizziness, and low blood pressure. It's best to limit or avoid alcohol consumption while taking this medication.

How quickly does Revatio work?

The effects of Revatio can vary, but it generally begins to work within 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion. Its effectiveness for PAH treatment is assessed over a longer term, based on symptoms and exercise capacity.

Is a prescription required for Revatio?

Yes, Revatio requires a prescription from a healthcare provider. It's important to follow the prescribed dosage and discuss any health concerns with your doctor before starting this medication.

How should Revatio be stored?

Revatio should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Keep the medication out of reach of children and in its original container.


There are a number of contraindications for taking Revatio. These include:

  • veno-occlusive lung disease;
  • degenerative disease of the retina, which is hereditary;
  • diseases and disorders resulting from intolerance or lack of lactose;
  • the presence of arterial hypotension;
  • stroke or myocardial infarction;
  • severe liver impairment;
  • age less than 18 years.

It’s advised to take the generic with caution if you have:

  • Various anatomical genital deformities.
  • Diseases that provoke the development of priapism.
  • Ulcers and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diseases that affect the functioning of the heart and the entire system.

In such cases, you need to carefully monitor the dosage and in any case not to exceed it. It’s also worth reducing the number of days for taking the pills.

Revatio Dosage

When taking the remedy you must follow the instructions for use.

Determination of dosage, as well as the method of use is prescribed by a doctor. It depends on how well the disease is developed.
The standard is to take 1 tablet (20 mg); the maximum dose is 5 tablets (100 mg). It’s recommended to take it no more than once a day, one hour before sexual activity. It should be taken with a glass of plain water.

How to take Revatio?

While taking the remedy, you must give up alcohol because it increases the risk of side effects. It’s also worth considering that the optimal is to take the drug from 2 to 4 times a week. If you deviate from the instructions, undesirable effects may occur that will weaken the entire body.

If there is no certainty that the dosage won’t be exceeded, then it’s better not to take the medicine. There will be no serious consequences from a small overdose for the body, but negative symptoms can still appear.

Revatio Side-effects

Side effects occur in case of intolerance to its components, as well as exceeding the permissible daily dose. In this case, you may receive:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • blurred vision;
  • temporary hearing loss;
  • excessive irritability;
  • dysfunction of the digestive system;
  • backache;
  • allergic reaction in the form of rash;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • increased anxiety;
  • bleeding from the nose;
  • inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity, including rhinitis;
  • fever and flu;
  • numbness as well as pain in various limbs;
  • increased sweating;
  • dry mouth.

Less commonly observed:

  • drowsiness and extreme tiredness;
  • convulsions;
  • deterioration of the cardiovascular system;
  • noises in the ears;
  • pain in the thoracic region.

If you experience any side effects you should consult a doctor. The duration and strength of the manifestations usually depend on how much the body is weakened and sensitive to the substances contained in the tablets. Negative factors very often occur with increasing dosages, as well as non-compliance with the recommendations of the doctor.


Abuse of any drugs can cause an overdose. Exceeding the permissible dose adversely affects the male body as a whole.

The first symptoms are:

  • Flushed face.
  • Disruption of the normal functioning of the stomach and the digestive system as a whole.
  • Visual impairment.
  • The appearance of nasal congestion.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Fever.

Even a small overdose is harmful to the body, so precautions must be taken because it can also lead to adverse effects and side effects.


A number of studies were conducted, which showed that taking the pill with other medical substances was permitted, but limited. It’s better to refrain from the simultaneous use of other inhibitors and this remedy to improve erection. It’s also strictly forbidden to take it with alpha-blockers, organic nitrates, and nitric oxide donators.

If possible, it’s worth refraining from mixing the tablet with other medicines that depress the nervous system (antidepressants). Also, don’t take it together with other substances that are designed to improve potency. In this case, the load on the cardiovascular system and the liver increases, so the likelihood of side symptoms increases.

When consulting a private specialist, it’s necessary to clarify compatibility with medications that have been prescribed by other doctors. This procedure helps to avoid adverse effects.

We should also mention the fact that this tablet is very poorly combined with nicotine, drugs and alcohol. The joint use of alcoholic beverages and the generic can cause side effects. Also, negative effects occur when taking any drugs that affect the brain, including antidepressants or sedatives.

The main rule is to avoid any mixing of different remedies. This can lead to poor health. This is due not only to the possibility of side effects, but also because of the imposition of effects on each other. Thus, it’s necessary to avoid not only contraindicated joint use, but also any simultaneous administration of medicines.

Alcohol interaction

In contact with alcohol, this pill reduces its effectiveness up to the lack of effect. Alcohol strengthens side effects, rashes on the skin, in rare cases, causes drowsiness, lethargy.

To prevent adverse reactions:

  • Stop drinking alcohol.
  • Drink more water for the next 4 hours.
  • Read the paragraph Contraindications, and follow them.
  • If the pill was taken during the course of treatment, alcohol is contraindicated for use from 3 days to 1 month (depending on the instructions of the attending physician).
  • If this happens for the first time, the risk of harm to health is minimal.
  • Consult your doctor for additional help and advice.

Revatio Reviews

Sergio (30): In my 30 years I know firsthand what erection problems are. For me, as for a rather young man, this is comparable to a disaster. That is why I decided to take some medicine. To solve such a delicate problem, I began to search for something that is more expensive and imported. My requirements were fully met by Revatio. What can I say: the tablet is really wonderful. It helped solve my problem. Although the price is high, but there are a lot of pills. One pack contains 90 tablets. When receiving, I had a slight burning of the face, but it didn’t cause any discomfort.

Marlen (44): I bought these pills for my husband. He is already 53 years old. At the moment, he takes them for quite some time, each time in strict accordance with the instructions. The effect is really great. I was pleased that there were no unpleasant consequences from taking the remedy. Initially, before buying it, we visited the doctor who advised us to take it, saying that it was one of the best medicines. However, he warned that people with heart problems may have side effects. It’s not up to me to decide here, but, in my opinion, these are very good pills, albeit with a rather high cost.

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