Tadora is a remedy aimed at potency increase. The active ingredient of the drug contains a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor called Tadalafil. This substance enhances the natural onset of erection, which allows a man to return sexual power. This medication does not affect the duration of sexual intercourse, so those men who need the effect of sex prolongation, should pay attention to the combined medication or additionally use so-called prolongators.
Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Dosage Form: Tablet
Dosage: 20 mg Tablet;
Minimum Market Price: $0.5

General information

Tadora drug made by the famous American pharmacological company Eli Lilly and Co. This company has been manufacturing drugs since 1876. In conclusion, it was the first company to start mass production of the antibiotic Penicillin.

This company had not only production activities. After the Great Patriotic War, the company actively engages in research. Eli Lilly and Company research centers appear in several states at once. But high competition doesn’t allow the company to show all its abilities.

Today, there are 3 main competitors leading the fight against erectile dysfunction. The most effective of these is Tadalafil. Its advantage lies in the speed of response, duration of action. Moreover, 96% of men who use this remedy, note its speed.


  • the effect lasts up to two days long
  • minimal side effects
  • blood flow increase up to nine times
  • it’s effective only with sexual stimulus

Tadalafil is probably one of the best remedies against impotency. The lack of marketing load made it the most available and sought-after mean to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction, strictly speaking, is not impotence itself. In addition, previously it was thought that ED appears only in men of solid age.

ED reasons:

  • hard work
  • difficult relationships in the family
  • professional troubles
  • psychological stress and shock
  • polluted environment
  • alcohol consumption
  • wrong diet
  • tobacco misuse

Clinical tests proved that it’s one of the best remedies for potency and and other similar problems. So, this tablet helps the men to stay in good shape foe sexual intimacy.


Tadalafil is famous for its extremely safe formula, but there are some contraindications anyway. Doctors don't reccomend to take this drug in conjunction with recreational or nitrate-containing medicines. Don’t combine this remedy with other potency drugs. Also, take care if you have following diseases:

  • idiopathic hypertensia
  • cardio ischemia
  • hepatic insufficiency
  • peony syndrome
  • This medical substance can be used by men from 18 years old


You should administrate this tablet orally. Each tablet contains 20 mg of the active ingredient. This is the maximum daily dose. At first intake you can try a lower dosage first, it means a half of the tablet. These tablets are for sale in pharmacies in a sealed waterproof package. One blister contains 4 tablets.

Tadora description

Before describing the instructions for use, we recall that this active ingredient is used to treat erectile dysfunction of all kinds, also impotence. Moreover, it helps with in case of enlarged prostate gland, benign hyperplasia and difficult urinating.

Tadora belongs to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. As a result, the drugs in this category increase blood circulation in the pelvic area. They affect the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies, therefore causing the muscles to relax. This feeds cavernous bodies with blood and let them swell.


Most common adverse effects are lumbar pain and headache, face skin reddening, stomach ache, nasal stuffiness. As a rule, they have temporary nature and don’t repeat twice. In conclusion, there can be an allergy to this medicine. After two or three intakes the organism gets used to the active ingredient.


The overdose of the medicine is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • reddening of the skin
  • nasal congestion
  • headaches
  • hemorrhages in the capillaries of the eye

To avoid these symptoms, you have to study the instructions of the tablets carefully and strictly follow the dosages.

In the case of the slightest discomfort after the intake of the pill wash the stomach with a low-boron potassium permanganate solution and seek medical help. Symptoms disappear after the active component leaves the body.


You can buy this drug without the prescription from a chemist’ or online-pharmacy. You should not take it together with erythromycin, nitroglycerin, cimetidine, ketoconazole and nitrite. Also, due to the hypotensive effect, it’s incompatible with Я-blockers and nitrogen donators.

Alcohol interaction

You should not combine Tadora with alcohol even in moderate doses.

Excessive drinking can slow down the effect of the drug or reduce it to nothing. Compatibility of drugs and the consequences of their use with alcoholic beverages often worry people undergoing treatment.

And it's not just alcohol addiction, because holidays and events are common at any time of the year and nobody wants to stand out from the cheerful company. How much does a person risk his/her health by consuming both the remedy and alcohol?

The active substances in the composition of the drug have a strong influence on the work of the kidneys and liver, weakening their functions.

This condition is caused by special medicines intended for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Some experts believe that our “magic” tablet has a similar effect.

Tadora and Alcohol

The list is quite extensive, so even before you drink a glass of beer, you should think of the following reactions:

  • allergic manifestations – dermatitis, urticaria, itching and burning, redness
  • laryngeal edema and anaphylactic shock
  • dysfunctions of the central nervous system – dizziness, loss of orientation in space, also headaches
  • on the part of the circulatory system – hematological abnormalities, including thrombocytosis, also anemia and decrease in the content of granulocytes
  • dysfunction of the digestive organs – glossitis (“glossy tongue”), loss of appetite, disturbance of taste habits, also nausea and vomiting, abdominal distension. Increased gas formation, dilution of stool
    fungal infections, therefore the reduction in the amount of urine during urination, bleeding from the nose.

Even if all of the side effects above don’t appear, there can be certain consequences.

Firstly, when interacting with alcohol, this drug has less effect, as a result erection doesn’t occur and the specialist has to prescribe new drugs that have an even more powerful effect and serious side effects.

Secondly, don’t take alcoholic drinks, even in small doses, until the effect of the tablet is over.

Thirdly, if you take into account the peculiarities of removing the medical substance from the body, for complete confidence that alcohol and the remedy won’t harm the liver, so you should wait about two days. This is the period required for complete cleansing of the internal organs of the toxic substances of the drug.

Before using the drug, consult the specialist, as only after doctors examination you will know which drug fits you the best.

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Review: 2
  1. It’s not a harmless thing by side effects, although personally we didn’t have any side effects. Perhaps this is because the man is young enough – he’s 33 years old, and it’s possible that we don’t “indulge” with it so often, about once a month and a half. In any case, it’s serious and it’s better not to abuse it.

  2. I read a lot of praise about this pill in the Internet, but apparently everyone has a different situation. In my case, it had very weak effect and didn’t help a lot. But my partner said, that it was okay for her.


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