Generic Valtrex (Valacyclovir)

Generic Valtrex
Herpes is a disease that causes a mixed reaction in most people. Valtrex is one of the medicines designed for the treatment of herpes zoster and ophthalmic herpes in adults with preserved immunity. Also, it is used for the treatment of herpes zoster in adults with mild or moderate immunosuppression.
Active Ingredient: Valacyclovir
Dosage Form: Tablet
Dosage: 500 mg Tablet; 1000 mg Tablet;
Minimum Market Price: 2.16 $

General information

Herpes is a disease that causes a mixed reaction in most people. Someone thinks that practically everyone has this virus and it is pointless to fight it, others convince that you can get rid of herpes; the main thing is to find a good doctor.

The cause of herpes is an extremely contagious virus that is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy one.

Scientists identify 8 types of herpes viruses, of which two can cause a “chill” on the lips: herpes virus of type 1 (more often) and of type 2 (less often). A distinctive feature of all herpes viruses is the ability to covertly remain inside the cells until a decrease in immunity allows herpes to move to the next stage of the disease, at which it begins to multiply.

Herpes viruses are extremely widespread in nature and among people. This is largely due to high contagion and easy transmission of the virus. At room temperature, the virus can remain active for up to a day.

Infection occurs through the entry of virus particles on the mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyes, genitals) from a sick person. For children it is enough just to contact with intact skin.

Having penetrated into the body, the disease migrates along the nerve endings to the neurons, where it is hidden until favorable conditions. As soon as the immune defense weakens, it begins to multiply and causes the characteristic symptoms for herpes.

Today it is impossible completely get rid of herpes virus, because most of the time it is in an inactive state inside the cell nucleus. However the unpleasant signs of herpes disease can and must be cured. Medications can reduce the duration and frequency of chronic herpes manifestations. They can also help reduce the risk of type 2 herpes virus transmission to susceptible partners.

How the symptoms of herpes can be treated? There are only a few herpes treating remedies with proven efficacy. One of them is Valtrex (active substance – Valacyclovir). The molecule of Valacyclovir is inserted into the virus DNA and “deceives” it, disrupting its reproduction process. Herpes virus treatment course with this agent is relatively safe for a human in case of short treatment courses. It can even be given to newborns.

Immune system stimulation is the second way to get rid of herpes virus. This strategy is useful when there are no acute manifestations (bubbles) and it is aimed at reduction the number of chronic herpes exacerbations, but not completely eliminate the herpes virus.

Prevention of this disease manifestation should be aimed at not infecting other people (mostly children, because most adults are already infected). In case you are already sick and have a rash on your lips you must wear a gauze bandage, do not kiss the child, do not touch the sores and wash hands as often as it is possible. The sick person has to avoid using dishes used by a healthy person.

Herpes genitalis is transmitted through sexual contact, usually if the patient already has a rash. At the same time we must remember that in some people the virus is released even in the absence of rashes, so the risk of infection is not completely excluded. In order to prevent herpes transmission it is recommended to use condoms as a quite effective means. Also you can use suppositories with Benzalkonium chloride and Miramistin. However, the most reliable way is to have one sexual partner.

Elderly persons having dehydration during the treatment course should increase the volume of fluid consumed. It is necessary in order to prevent the risk of acute renal failure development.

In humans, Valacyclovir is quickly and completely transformed into acyclovir due to the Valacyclovir hydrolase action.


Contraindications to taking the discussed medication is valacyclovir, acyclovir hypersensitivity, as well as any other component included into the drug.

In case of clinically expressed forms of HIV infection this remedy is prescribed with caution.

There are not many records on this agent use during pregnancy. It has to be stated that Valtrex should be prescribed only when the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the possible risk to the baby.

Considering that this substance penetrates into breast milk, the drug may have an effect on the child's health condition. Therefore this remedy should be prescribed with caution to the women who are breast feeding.

Moreover this drug should be taken with caution while using with nephrotoxic drugs, in case of diagnosed renal failure, as well as during pregnancy, lactation, and clinically expressed forms of HIV infection.

The remedy is rarely prescribed to HIV patients, since with certain biochemical parameters of blood it can cause a critical decrease in the leukocytes amount.


  • Tablets should be used orally, regardless of the meal.
  • In case of Herpes zoster treatment course the adults are prescribed 1 g 3 times a day during 7 days.
  • In case of Herpes simplex virus treatment the adults are prescribed 500 mg 2 times a day. In case of recurrence the therapy course must be performed within 3 or 5 days.

Valtrex administration at a dose of 2 g 2 times within 1 day is effective as an alternative for Herpes labialis treatment course. The second dose has to be taken in approximately 12 hours (but not earlier than in 6 hours) after the first dose is taken. With such treatment regimen its duration must not exceed 1 day, since it does not result in additional clinical benefits.

For those patients who are diagnosed with kidney insufficiency the doctor prescribes an individual regimen of treatment, depending on creatinine clearance and indications.

How to take Valtrex?

The drug is prescribed orally, regardless of the meal.

The remedy should be washed down with plenty amount of water. Elderly individuals as well as those at risk of dehydration must be provided with plenty of drink.

In more severe primary cases the treatment course has to be started as early as possible, and its duration should be increased from five to ten days. In cases of HSV regression, it is believed that it is the best solution to use this remedy in the prodromal period or immediately after the first symptoms of the problem are manifested.

Patients being under hemodialysis this medication must be prescribed only after the hemodialysis session is over.

This medication is not prescribed to children under 12 years old due to absence of clinical studies.

Valtrex Side-effects

Valtrex was well tolerated as it was evidenced during clinical trials.

However there are most common adverse reactions listed below:

  • vomiting, sickness;
  • headaches;
  • fever;
  • urticaria and skin irritation;
  • kidney function disorder;
  • convulsions, panic attacks, tremor;
  • diarrhea, skin rash;
  • dizziness, hallucinations and confused mental state.


Currently there no data regarding overdose. A dose equivalent to approximately 15 g of the agent was inadvertently applied by intravenous introduction of acyclovir at a dosage of up to 80 mg / kg without causing any adverse reactions.

However, it ought to be stated that in the case of a symptomatic overdose the acyclovir can be eliminated by hemodialysis.


Valacyclovir has to be administered with caution while concomitant use with drugs that are also excreted by the renal and can actually cause kidney function disorder, as this may lead to both drugs concentration increase. Drugs which can change Valtrex concentration in the blood include different immunosuppressive agents, Cyclosporin, Tacrolimus, Probenecid, Cimetidine, etc.

Alcohol interaction

Valacyclovir is usually prescribed to people suffering from viral diseases, in particular, herpes. It has to be remembered that this drug causes some adverse reactions that can pose a significant health hazard. That is why this product cannot be taken together with alcohol, since such an interaction adversely affects the liver as well as the CNS. Compatibility of these two substances is absolutely impossible, since toxic effects can affect the center in the brain responsible for breathing, which will inevitably lead to death.

The instruction for the drug does not have clear restriction of alcohol use during the Valtrex treatment course. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to combine this drug (and other antiviral drugs) and alcoholic beverages. Antiviral drugs and alcoholic beverages have a toxic effect on nerve cells, liver, and a depressant effect on the respiratory center.

Ethanol poses a significant danger to the human brain, so think about your health before start drinking alcohol.

The instructions to the drug clearly described all the adverse effects that may arise. Most often, the effects of taking the drug occur if a person has been taking Valacyclovir and alcohol for a very long time.

The liver is a very important organ in the human body; it is responsible for many processes and is particularly sensitive to alcohol. In case of too frequent use of alcohol the liver is the first organ which suffers from it. As a result cirrhosis is formed. This means that changes occur in the tissues of this organ – slowly liver tissues start dying.

In addition, Valtrex itself has a bad effect on the liver, if taken for a long time. Reviews of doctors have shown that the simultaneous intake of alcohol and this medicine can lead to unpredictable consequences. No one is immune to such side effects as necrosis or hepatitis, but naturally much depends on the body condition.

Valtrex Reviews

Emma: I faced herpes relatively recently. There were some doubts about whether to go to the doctor. I thought that everything would pass without interference. Therefore, I decided to postpone, but the situation worsened. So, based on the doctor recommendation I bought Valtrex. Now I can confirm that efficiency is quite high, because after a week all external signs disappeared. In the future, I will use the drug as a prophylactic agent.

Gregory: A large number of people face herpes, and a professional approach to treatment is required here. Valtrex is considered to be one of the most effective drugs for me. Its effective action allowed me to get rid of all the negative consequences. Thus, my recommendations and preferences are given to this particular drug.

Caroline: I first had herpes when I was 15 years old. At first I was treated with acyclovir ointment, but then it stopped working for me. The doctor recommended taking a course of Valaciclovir once a year. Rashes disappear on the 5th day of taking the drug. During treatment I take 2 tablets a day, because I have pyelonephritis and cysts in the kidneys. This medicine does not cause the exacerbation of those disorders.

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