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We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.
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Make your order at without a need to sign up or create an account on the site which is very rare nowadays.


This review is devoted to a rather new market player. The company has appeared a year ago and already attracted attention of some of our customers. Meeting demand of our subscribers we plan to present several reviews in the near future. In this review we can say that the founder of the company owns two other on-line apothecaries and a chain of ordinary drugstores.


This online apothecary is included into the same license valid for other web-based stores of the same owner. The number of license and terms of its validity are presented on the home page of the site.


The site trades medicines against skin and venereal diseases. The list of medication includes creams, gels, pills and other specific treatments. The site sells prescription medicines as well.

Price list

We assume that the founder knows how to make competitive prices. The price list is really affordable so far, which attracts customers from other regions.

Customer Support

Customer support desk operates 24/7. Specialists providing support are very skilled, the information they give is always full and clear. More detailed information about Customer support service we will present in our future reviews.


The discount policy consists of three customer categories – Silver, Golden and Platinum. We don’t know whether there are Platinum customers using discount as it is granted to those who buys often and each purchase amounts to minimum 250 USD. In this case every tenth purchase shall be discounted by 80%.

In addition, there is a coupon system which is valid not only for regular buyers. Being a regular registered buyer you are granted with 7% rebate for every purchase. Each new subscriber is granted with coupon allowing having next purchase cheaper by 10%.


In conclusion we can say that the site is customer-oriented and it works to meet demands of its users.
Shipment duration takes between 7-10 days depending on final place of destination. If the delivery time takes longer than it was agreed in this case the site pays back 5% of the total amount of the order.

Published at 22.07.2018 10:17
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30% off