According to this discount policy, every registered user is granted 20% rebate for the purchase amounting to minimum 39 US dollars.


By this review we want to turn your attention to this online apothecary. This is relatively young online apothecary. In the future reviews we will disclose where main office of the apothecary locates as well as how many people work for this company.


This online pharmacy performs its activity exclusively under the license duly issued by the corresponding authority. In the next review we will share what license the company is going to get in addition.


The list of the drugs contains pain killers, antibiotics, antiviral agents, anti-inflammatory medications and hair care products. The company plans to increase drugs list later by such products as skin care products, eyeglasses and some remedies used in chronic diseases treatment.

What is and what does it specialize in? is an online pet pharmacy that specializes in a wide range of pet medications and health products. They offer prescription and over-the-counter options for various animal health needs, including supplements, flea and tick preventatives, and more.

Is a reputable and reliable source for pet medications?

The reputation and reliability of as a source for pet medications are important for pet owners. It's advisable to review their licensing, customer feedback, and product quality to ensure they meet the required standards for pet care.

What types of pet products are available at offers a diverse selection of pet products, including medications for chronic conditions, flea and tick treatments, nutritional supplements, and general wellness products. They provide both brand-name and generic options to suit different needs and budgets.

What are the shipping and payment policies of

Specific shipping and payment policies at may vary. Customers are encouraged to contact the pharmacy directly for detailed information on shipping fees, delivery times, accepted payment methods, and return or exchange policies.

Price list

In the future reviews it will be disclosed how this online apothecary competes prices in the local market. At the same time we would like to say that existing prices are really affordable and it seems that they are oriented on the population with different income level.

Drug Name Price
silagra reviews From $0.15
suhagra 100mg price From $0.1
nizagara alcohol From $0.2
kamagra store From $0.4
tadacip by cipla From $0.66

Customer Support

Customer support office operates 24/7, but unfortunately, specialists are not always available. This is something which has to be corrected by the management of the apothecary. Anyway, it ought to be said that pharmacists here are skilled and trained enough to provide users with relating and reliable information on the medications use.


The discount policy is already implemented. According to this discount policy, every registered user is granted 20% rebate for the purchase amounting to minimum 39 US dollars.
Furthermore, there is valid coupon system which grants certain bonuses to both registered and new buyers. This coupon system is continued to develop.


Basing on the above-presented information this online pharmacy has fairly good prospects to take its niche in the local market. The company focuses on meeting the needs of their customers; it builds new contacts with medications manufacturers in order to have an opportunity to offer better prices to all customers of the site.

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