Verdict: provides a wide range of products at competitive prices; however, the absence of reputable endorsements and customer reviews on presents a significant credibility concern.


In an era of online pharmacies offering convenience, cost savings, and reliability, emerges as a potential option. Long lines and unfamiliar pharmacy staff can be a hassle, prompting many to explore online alternatives. But can live up to its claims of safety and trustworthiness? In this comprehensive review, we'll dissect its authenticity.


Examining a website's domain information provides initial insights into its character and presence. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle, and a broader evaluation is essential.'s domain was registered on 04-08-2020 under private details, with the most recent update on 31-08-2022. With a relatively brief existence of just a few years, details about their online operations remain limited. The domain is set to expire on 04-08-2023, further raising questions about its long-term intentions. However, the absence of conclusive evidence doesn't categorize as a scam pharmacy.

Drugs presents an extensive array of products spanning various categories, including anti-acidity, general health, hair loss, healthy bones, heart disease, herbal remedies, and men's health.

What is and what does it offer? is an online pharmacy that claims to offer a wide range of medications. They likely provide both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, potentially focusing on various health conditions and treatment needs.

Is a reliable and safe source for medications?

The reliability and safety of as a source for medications are not confirmed. Customers are advised to exercise caution and conduct due diligence, such as verifying the pharmacy's licenses and reading customer reviews, before making any purchases.

What types of medications does offer? likely offers a range of medications, including treatments for common health issues and chronic conditions. The pharmacy may provide both generic and brand-name drugs, catering to various health care needs.

What are the payment and shipping policies of

Detailed information about the payment and shipping policies of is not available. Customers should contact the pharmacy directly for accurate information on payment options, shipping fees, delivery times, and return policies.

Price list

Pricing at is versatile, with medication costs ranging from $0.33 to $27 or higher. This flexibility allows customers to choose products that align with their budget.

Drug Name Price
silagra online From $0.15
suhagra 100 From $0.1
nizagara fake From $0.2
kamagra 100mg price From $0.4
tadacip 20 cipla From $0.66

Customer support claims to offer a variety of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, and several credit cards. Their global reach ensures deliveries to customers worldwide. Shipments are discreetly packaged, sourced directly from Indian manufacturers. International Unregistered Mail is the chosen shipping method, taking approximately two to three weeks for delivery.


Specific information about discounts or promotional offers is not prominently featured on the website.


In summary, our thorough analysis leads us to categorize as a scam based on several critical factors. The trust rating of 13 out of 100 on raises significant safety concerns regarding online medicine purchases. Additionally, the absence of regulatory approvals and the rogue designation by further diminishes confidence in the platform.

While offers a diverse product range at competitive prices, the lack of credible endorsements and user reviews on poses a substantial credibility challenge.

In light of these findings, we strongly discourage patronizing Instead, consider exploring reputable, secure, and trusted online pharmacy alternatives that have been thoroughly vetted by our expert team for safety, reliability, and security. receives a rating of only 1 out of 5 stars.

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