Operating under the name, this entity positions itself as a distributor of an extensive spectrum of medications, encompassing both generic and branded varieties. They assert the availability of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, all offered at competitive price points.

History, with a reported 7-year history, claims to provide customers with high-quality generic and branded medications. They assert that these medications are equivalent in efficacy and quality to their brand-name counterparts. The online pharmacy also emphasizes competitive pricing and fast delivery.


Analyzing the domain information is a crucial step in assessing the legitimacy of an online pharmacy.'s domain was registered on April 7th, 2021, and is set to expire on April 7th, 2023. The domain registration was most recently updated on April 7th, 2022. Notably, the domain is registered by a third party, Tucows Domains Inc., and the owner's personal information is shielded by Contact Privacy Inc. These factors, including the recent domain registration and owner anonymity, raise red flags that warrant caution.


Best Medicine Shop, as it is known, presents itself as a distributor of a wide range of medications, both generic and branded. They claim to offer over-the-counter and prescription drugs at competitive prices. However, their website lacks detailed information about the pharmacy team, including the qualified Indian pharmacists mentioned. Additionally, there is no physical address or contact information provided, contributing to an overall lack of transparency.

What type of medications does offer? claims to offer a wide range of medications, including both generic and branded drugs. Their inventory includes over-the-counter and prescription medications, covering various health needs.

Are the prices competitive at asserts that their medications are offered at competitive prices, making them an affordable option for consumers looking for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Is a legitimate online pharmacy? has been rated as a ‘rogue' pharmacy by LegitScript. This, along with the recent registration of its domain and lack of transparency in business operations, raises questions about its legitimacy and the safety of purchasing from it.

What precautions should customers take when considering purchasing from

Customers should exercise caution when considering a purchase from Due to the concerns about its legitimacy and the potential risks involved, it is advisable to thoroughly research and consider safer alternatives for purchasing medications.

Price List

While the online pharmacy offers medications in various categories at competitive prices, its lack of transparency, business profile, and regulatory approvals make it an untrustworthy option. LegitScript's “rogue” rating further underscores concerns about non-compliance with pharmacy regulation standards.

Drug Name Price
silagra reviews From $0.15
suhagra 100mg price From $0.1
nizagara alcohol From $0.2
kamagra store From $0.4
tadacip by cipla From $0.66

Customer Support's absence of a business profile and contact information raises safety concerns. Anonymity can lead to potentially unsafe and fraudulent practices, making it risky to engage with this pharmacy.


The online pharmacy advertises competitive prices for medications and provides discounts to customers.


In summary, Best Medicine Shop exhibits several concerning signs that question its legitimacy. The recent domain registration, lack of transparency in business operations, and “rogue” rating by LegitScript collectively suggest potential risks. Therefore, this online pharmacy is rated 1 star and should be approached cautiously or avoided altogether.

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