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Several reviews have already been published recently. As we mentioned in one of those reviews the company initially was established as a traditional pharmacy in the middle of nineties. Later, based on trends and economics, they transferred their business to online site, which decreased their expenses on facility rent and other public services but increased a number of customers.


Duly issued by the relevant state authority license allows the company to operate online and sell prescription drugs. Such a license has to be prolonged every year. As we have already described in one of the previous review the license guarantees that the company meets critical safety standards to protect patient health when buying medication online.


As we already mentioned in the current review this online pharmacy is allowed to sell not only usual medications but prescribed as well. The range of medications is wide and includes antibiotics, anticonvulsants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and many others which are available both in pills and solutions for injections.

Price list

Prices on this site are really lower comparing to traditional pharmacies and even to some similar online apothecaries. This feature allows this apothecary to attract more customers. Of course, there are some rarely prescribed medications the prices for which could be higher than expected, but they are in minority.

Customer support

In the attempt to meet customers’ demands the discussed apothecary introduced 24/7 operation regimen. This allows the customer to contact specialists any time of the day and night. Especially it is convenient in case if the customer has questions after purchasing the products.


By implementing discount system, the management of the online pharmacy is interested in the attraction of new customers and retention of existing. The discount system provides a personal 11% discount to the customers who buy remedies regularly in the amount of minimum 49 dollars. Recently the company has revised its coupon program under which every buyer is granted a 1% discount coupon. This coupon program provides that by this coupon can be utilized immediately or they can be accumulated not more than 5 pieces and used as a 5% discount for purchase.


The described online pharmacy is reliable and takes care of its customers and image. It delivers goods in time even to the rural and remote settlements.

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