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The current review is about the online drugstore trading absolutely all range of medications against many health disorders. In addition to traditional medications, the drugstore trades many types of body, hair, skin care products. These include creams, gels, balsams, and much other stuff.


In order to comply with international and local legislation the company is obliged to have duly issued and timely prolonged license. Otherwise the online pharmacy will be entered into the list of insecure companies, which is published in internet and every interested customer can easily find it.


As we mentioned in the present review this online pharmacy trades medications against practically all types of health disorders. In our future reviews, we will reveal what drugs they sell in the majority – brand-named or generics. Anyway we would like to say that all products are duly certified, which guarantees the security of the customer.

Price list

As far as we understand the pricing policy is rather flexible. Many of us have faced situations when the price on site changes upon you ordering the product. This is not about this site. Yes, some medications here can cost more than it is expected, but at the same time, the price for them is still competitive compared to traditional pharmacies.

Customer support

This apothecary has one very significant disadvantage related to Customer support service which operates five days a week from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm. This schedule can be unacceptable for those customers who need to ask additional questions related to the purchase they made. However, during working hours operators react rather quickly and provide with qualified recommendations related to medication choice, payment options, delivery time, etc.


In order to be in line with modern trends, the company implements its own discount system aimed at inviting customers to make more purchases and earning bonuses. Thus, in accordance with valid discount system, the regular buyers are entitled to get a maximum 20% rebate if comply with some requirements stipulated in this system.
Moreover, they have coupon program under which customers get a coupon in case of purchase amounting to 39 dollars. According to the rules of this coupon program the customer has to collect a certain amount of coupons in order to get a 50% rebate for a certain products range.


In general this is a good online apothecary, which deserves mainly positive comments. It is obvious, that the company takes care not only about own income but about customers as well.

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