BlueSkyDrugs is a budget e-pharmacy started back in 2007; its long history is the drugstore’s best credential speaking in favor of its reliability.


However, as you go about this BlueSkyDrugs review, you will discover numerous other points that confirm the positive first impression made by the webstore.


BlueSkyDrugs licensing details are not made public, which is not a reason for concern, since the vast majority of similar e-stores do not display this information on their websites – but we are certain that it is readily available upon request. There are certification logos by CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association), PharmacyChecker and IPABC (International Pharmacy Association Of British Columbia) thought; reputable pharmacy controllers customers trust internationally.


As for the range of products available with BlueSkyDrugs discount system, they are numerous and well diversified. You can find medicines produced in New Zealand, Canada, Turkey, India and United Kingdom, both prescription and OTC. Almost for every brand medication there can be a less costly generic found on the formulary. The general satisfaction with the drug quality demonstrated in BlueSkyDrugs reviews is one of the main reasons for us to rate this pharmacy positively.

Price list

Since the pharmacy offers medications produced by both developers and non-developers and pharmaceutical companies from several countries, the price range is as diversified as the webstore’s offer. All in all, although there can be found drugstores offering lower prices, what we see at the site is a fair and reasonable cost for medications originating in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Turkey and India.

Drug Name Price
Fluconazole From $1.42
Propecia From $0.65
Vibramycin From $0.45
Orlistat From $1.29
Vidalista From $0.94

The cost of shipping is $10 for customers from the US and Canada, and $25 for orders shipped to other countries.

Customer support

Customers seem to be satisfied with the quality of customer support. You can contact them in a variety of ways: by phone (toll-free for the US citizens) for an instant solution of your issues during working hours (5:30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 3:30pm Saturday to Sunday), and fax, email or actual mail post.


We suggest that you contact the customer support with a question concerning BlueSkyDrugs discount opportunities, for we have found none. There is a corresponding field prompting customers to enter BlueSkyDrugs coupon code at the checkout page, so there has to be at least BlueSkyDrugs coupon tradition in place. There are no free shipping deals.


By the time this review was created, the team of BlueSkyDrugs has been operating in an honest and ethical way. There are a few drawbacks that mostly have to do with the discount policies and shipping costs, but the quality and the price of drugs appear to be in a perfect balance, which allows us recommending this pharmacy to customers with a budget to consider.

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