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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


The history of this site starts in 2012 when the first review has been published. Basing on the first review it was declared that the site is focused on body care products trade. Since that time many reviews have been published and each of them mentioned about changes sphere of the company activity.


In one of the latest reviews it was said that online trading activity have been measured and license has been issued for the next two years.


Today the list of drugs is rather wide. Except for the body care products the site sells medications against various health disorders including attention deficient hyperactivity disorder, sleep problems, cancer and many others. The drugs can be delivered to any country of Northern and Latin America as well as to European Union countries.

Price list

The prices for medications are really competitive to other online trading apothecaries as well as to ordinary drugstores. Usually the total cost of the purchase includes delivery costs. But if the customer buys for the amount of 100 Euro the total price excludes shipment cost.

Customer Support

Customer support service operates below the mark. That means that sometimes the customer may wait for online response longer than 15 minutes.


At the same time subscribers of the site may receive by e-mail coupon inviting to buy medications or body care products at prices lower by 10%. The customer is entitled to refuse coupon and take discount which usually gives 15% rebate for purchase amounting to 50 US dollars. Moreover the discount is granted to every new subscriber.


We have checked feedback and most of them were positive. At the same time we would recommend to improve customer support service as long wait for answer forces your potential customer to leave the site. We appreciate that all necessary information on site is updated timely and it easy to find any additional instructions or data.

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