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This review is about the online pharmacy, located in Canada. Previously in review we have mentioned that it is rather young online pharmacy. In the future reviews we shall reveal what goals this internet apothecary sets and what they have already achieved. Also in some reviews earlier we stated that the company is not big, they have just several offices around the country consisting of about 35 employees.


According to the local law all online drugstores are obliged to have a duly issued license. Otherwise online medication trade is considered illegal and is subject to termination and punishment. The online drugstore we are talking about operates under corresponding license.


The drug list is rather big. It contains wide range of remedies against non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, pain relievers, ophthalmic dosage forms, antifebrile drugs, antibiotics and others. In this online drugstore one can buy both nonprescription and prescription medications.

Price list

Prices here are equal to average market. Some remedies could be bought at 20% less because pricing for them based on wholesale quotation. Changes in prices are always informed beforehand.

Customer Support

Customer support center operates five days a week from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m., which is not always suitable. Anyway, all requests sent either via Skype, e-mail or chat box are always responded in full. The Customer support center consists of technical staff and pharmacists. Technical staff is responsible for the issues with interface operation or payment questions and pharmacists are responsible for issues related to pharmaceutical products.


The company has developed a discount program which grants the regular users maximum 25% rebate. Complying with some conditions of the discount program the user can save up to 60%. In addition the every regular user are automatically covered by coupon system according to which the customer has to collect announced number of coupons in order to participate in prize drawing. It has to be added that this coupon system every new buyer is awarded with 5% rebate at his first purchase.


The site operates in smoothly without any suspicious incidents. We can say that the company deserves positive comments and recommendations.

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