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The present review is about the online drug-store offering a huge range of remedies against almost all diseases. The company is rather young and more detailed information about its establishment we will share in our future reviews. The only thing we would like to state in this review that at the very beginning there were only 10 employees including owner. Today there are about 100 employees working for several branches in different cities.


The online-drugstore follows all necessary rules and regulations in terms of online remedies trade, which include timely licensing. Violation of the mentioned law may result in online trade termination, penalties, and even License revocation.


This online apothecary sells both brand-named remedies and generics. In our next reviews we shall inform you which medications you will find here for sure and which you will have to order. We would liketo add that here you can find almost the best choice of remedies against cardiovascular diseases.

Price list

Prices here are practically affordable, but still, there are some medications which are rather expensive and better prices for them could be found on other sites.

Customer Support

Customer Support service works 24/7 but not in all locations. We believe that depends on the size of the city where the office is located. In small cities and towns Customer Support works five days a week. At the same time, any user can leave a request on the site and it will be answered without any doubts.


The company has its own discount policy which is valid only for registered and regular customers. According to this discount policy every registered and regular customer is granted with 10% rebate in case of total amount of purchase is minimum 50 dollars.
As far as we know the company is developing a coupon program. Later we shall tell you exactly how this coupon program will work and who will be covered by this advantage.


We can say that the company has good prospects in taking its own niche if it continues to be attached to high standards of customer care.

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