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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


In 2010 the site has been launched with the purpose to trade sports nutrition. In two years the site has expanded its activity and included into the assortment list medications for diabetics. The popularity of the site has grown and this made the owner to include other medications into the assortment.


In some reviews it was mentioned that the site follows legislation and gets all necessary license to trade correspondent medications. At least in the current review we can confirm that the site has valid license.


As it was already mentioned in the current review the list of drugs on the site is rather wide. Except of sports nutrition, which is still one of the key areas of activity, you can find here different drugs from runny nose to drugs used by those who need therapy after carcinectomy. Of course the latter is sold only on prescription.

Price list

The price list is very attractive. In some early reviews it was described that the prices on the site are flexible and regular buyers are granted with special benefits. For example, coupon, which allows the buyer to buy the most expensive product at price 20% less. At the same time a regular buyer can present this coupon to other consumer.

Customer Support

Customer support service operates within common standards. Administrator is always at the desk and responds quickly using the pop-up chat window. They give full, clear answers to the questions.


Not so long ago the site has started implementing discount system, which allows all buyers to purchase drugs and better prices. This discount system covers only sports nutrition so far. This system works on every second Saturday of the month. Later they expect to include into the list all other products.


We recommend to use this site for any purchase, does not matter what you need – sports nutrition or drugs against fever. The delivery map is rather wide and usually it takes maximum 7 days to get you buying.

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