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Certifiedpills.com primarily sources medications from Indian manufacturers, categorizing themselves as a US-based online drugstore. However, the lack of clear location details raises doubts about this claim.


Certifiedpills.com presents itself as a dependable source of quality medications, even claiming to be a leading US drugstore. However, a closer examination is needed to determine the veracity of these claims.


This pharmacy has been online since mid-2019, suggesting potential reliability due to its longevity. However, the owner has chosen to keep their information private, which may not necessarily indicate malicious intent. Nonetheless, the lack of transparency raises concerns.


Certifiedpills.com offers medications primarily sourced from Indian manufacturers. While they categorize themselves as a US-based online drugstore, the absence of clear location details casts doubt on this claim.

What types of medications are available at Certifiedpills.com?

Certifiedpills.com offers various medications including muscle relaxants, obesity treatments, hormone disease medications, and men’s health products. The pharmacy claims to sell both branded and generic medicines.

Is Certifiedpills.com a reliable and legitimate online pharmacy?

Certifiedpills.com has been online since mid-2019, which is longer than many scam pharmacies. However, there is a lack of information about the owner and the exact location of the pharmacy, and no evidence of regulatory approvals, raising concerns about its legitimacy.

What are the prescription requirements at Certifiedpills.com?

Certifiedpills.com states that a valid prescription from a licensed physician is required for most medications. However, it is unclear if this requirement is consistently enforced for all orders.

What are the payment and shipping options available at Certifiedpills.com?

Certifiedpills.com accepts payments via major credit cards. They offer a flat rate shipping charge, but details regarding delivery times and specific shipping methods are not clearly provided on the website.

Price List

The pharmacy's website provides information about drug manufacturers but does not specify where the medications are dispensed. This lack of clarity raises questions about the authenticity and quality of the offered medications.

Drug Name Price
silagra 100 mg From $0.15
suhagra 100 vs viagra From $0.1
nizagara 100 price From $0.2
kamagra soft From $0.4
tadacip 20 From $0.66

Customer Support

Certifiedpills.com claims that a valid prescription from a licensed physician is required for most medications, which aligns with standard regulations. However, adherence to this requirement remains uncertain.


Payment is not collected until after order approval, suggesting non-standard payment methods. While the checkout page is secure, shipping information, including delivery duration, is not provided.


Several issues undermine Certifiedpills.com's credibility as a trustworthy pharmacy. The lack of transparency regarding their location, accreditation, and potential deviation from prescription requirements raises concerns. Despite some positive Trustpilot reviews, suspicions of fake feedback raise further doubts. Therefore, a 2-star rating reflects the pharmacy's shortcomings, urging caution for prospective customers seeking reliable medication sources.

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