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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


The online apothecary described in this review was created in 2009, and has proved to be cheap trading platform with a wide range of medical products. According to other reviews that we have found online, it has several warehouses in Asia, Western Europe and US, and delivers all over the world using a trusted shipping service.


In order to prevent the illegal sales of medicines, the authorities of different countries require special license on the sale of pharmaceutical preparations. This review contains scan of the license of the described apothecary.


The site offers a wide assortment of drugs and medical products, including medical devices, diet food and food supplements. You can find more detailed information about the assortment, specifying available drug classes, in other reviews.

Price list

The prices are definitely cheaper than the prices for similar products in other online drug stores, due to direct contracts with main pharmaceutical producers and logistic company. Besides, the site may send a coupon by request of any of its customers by email, which entitles to an additional discount.

Customer Support

The site has mobile applications for the most common mobile platforms. This allows making an order directly from your smartphone. Moreover, you can ask any question to the consultant directly in the mobile application and receive prompt reply. However, the contact phone numbers listed on the website were not available at the time we called.


Customers may get a discount on the site. The list of discounted drugs is updated on a daily basis. As it has been mentioned, everyone can ask for a coupon, which gives the right to purchase any products with discount during 3 months.

The combination of the above mentioned advantages creates a feeling of complete comfort and allows you to easily order the necessary medical products and drugs through the Internet.

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