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Hereby we present a new review about the site which is focused on medications against asthma. In previous reviews we have already mentioned that the site has been established in 2010 and physically it is located in UK.


The site operates in accordance with license issued by corresponding Health care organization. We mentioned in one of our earliest reviews that according to the legislation of the country the licenses for companies involved in asthma treatments trade are issued for a year period.


In this review we will not go deep into the drug list as it was already done earlier. The only thing we would like to present is that the site has concluded a promotional agreement with one of the leading producers of asthma treatments. Under this agreement the company sells not only pills but metered dose inhalers of the producer.

Price list

The price list is rather affordable for both local and imported drugs. The prices for drugs sold under promotional agreement are also attractive. The prices on the list are presented in pounds and US dollars.

Customer support

According to the information on site the customer support service operates 24/7 and it is really so. Specialists are duly trained and skilled enough to clarify any questions regarding site functionality, medicines use and shipment terms and conditions.


The company has its own discount system developed for local and foreign users. Under this system everyone who ordered and paid products for amount of 100 pounds are granted with personal discount card allowing to pay 7% less for all further buying.

In addition the subscribers of the site on a regular basis are granted with coupon. Such coupon with 5% rebate is issued once a year for birthday of registered buyers. So once a year each registered buyer can cave total price rebate in the amount of 12%, which covered promoted products as well and prescription medications.


This site operates in accordance with common standards. Delivery map includes UK and neighboring countries. The maximum shipment times takes 7 days, of course if there no any force-majeure circumstances. So, we consider this site to be reliable and can be recommended for use.

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