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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend EphedraOutlet.com to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


Next site we are going to discuss in this www.ephedraoutlet.com review has appeared in the market not so long ago, just two or three years. The owner of the site, according to another existing www.ephedraoutlet.com review is a pharmaceutical professional, who for a long time was employed by one of the famous medicine producing companies.


Selling not only over-the-counter drugs the site as it was mentioned in www.ephedraoutlet.com reviews has got a license allowing to sell prescription medication as well. License is usually given for the period of one year and allows genuine and FDA approved medicines trading.


As it has already been mentioned in other www.ephedraoutlet.com reviews the list of drugs includes both over-the-counter drugs and drugs, which are not allowed to be sold without physician prescription.

Price list

The price of the drug usually includes delivery expenses, which are not big. At the same time it ought to be said that prices for some medications are really low, which makes this site to be more attractive comparing to some others.

Customer Support

The site provides customer support service in the form of pop-up message box. The customer just needs to fill in name and type in his question. But unfortunately Customer support service works only five days a week during business hours. It is not very convenient very as those who would like to contact consultant of the site on Saturday most likely will get the answer on the next Monday only.


Every two weeks the site sells drugs at cheaper price to the customers by issuing so called a EphedraOutlet.com coupon. Usually the www.ephedraoutlet.com coupon is offered to all customers who intend to buy more than three items.

Moreover regular customers are granted with www.ephedraoutlet.com discount, which can be used during three last days of the month. This www.ephedraoutlet.com discount allows customers to save maximum 50 USD per each order.


Basing on the above mentioned data and on good feedback this site deserves in general positive estimation. Menu is very user-friendly, which allows older customer to use this site easily.

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