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This review is about internet-based pharmacy dealing with medications against erectile dysfunction. From the very first day of its activity the company follows all new discoveries and novelties in this area of medicine. In our future reviews we shall inform you on the date of the company establishment. The only thing we can say now that during this period the company attracted many customers and has a good reputation among them.


The discussed web-based pharmacy follows all laws in force concerning trade of remedies against sexual disorders both in men and women. That means that all necessary licenses are available and they are valid. We have already mentioned in some previous reviews that violation of the local law on this area leads to license withdrawal and activity termination for rather long period.


As it was already mentioned in the current review the company sells all available remedies fighting sexual disorders in men and women. On the list one can find a rather wide range of products manufactured by well-known brands and their generics. They have the biggest choice of these peculiar medications for women.

Price list

The prices for some brand-named products here are rather expensive. At the same time, generics could be bought at a very acceptable price, comparing to other similar online drugstores, which makes this site more attractive.

Customer support

The Customer support service works 24/7 and specialists there always answer any questions regarding well-known and famous products as well as about novelties. They always inform the customer about ways of payment, terms of delivery and contraindications relating to use this or that medication.


In order to attract customers as much as possible, the company introduced its own discount policy. Within the frame of this discount policy, the registered customer is entitled to have a rebate in the amount of 10% for every second purchase. The total cost of this purchase does not play a role.
In addition they implement an coupon program which allows the registered buyer to present his coupon to another person. Coupons under this coupon program can be granted in case of birthday of a customer, any state holidays and other occasions, which are additionally advertised on site.


Actually we would recommend this site to use due to rather wide range of medications treating sexual dysfunctions in men and women.

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