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We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


In our previous review it was already said that this site is rather old. It exists for more than10 years. Initial idea was to sell drugs against sexual disorders. Later, as it was mentioned in one of our reviews the company focused more on generics of popular drugs treating sexual dysfunction.


Recently the company failed to prolong existing license due to violation of local legislation in terms of web-based medication trade. So now we can acknowledge that the company’s activity is not licensed.


As we have described in the last review the web-based apothecary is focused on trade of generics of popular drugs against impotency. The list of these generics is really wide and includes both famous generics and unknown.

Price list

The price list seems not always updated that is why it is difficult to qualify level of prices. But if to believe to the presented on site we can state that they are rather competitive. Anyway that would be great if responsible people will duly update prices.

Customer Support

Customer Support service does not operate 24/7 which contradicts to the information presented on the site. There are cases when questions of customers are left without answer. Such behavior works against the site image.
So, before choosing this site think twice as if Customer Support service operates in this manner this finally may result low service quality.


According to information on site there exists a special discount program, which is intended to retain registered customers. According to this discount program, every registered buyer is granted with 5% rebate for the products of the site. This rebate is valid for a year. In a year a coupon is issued for the buyer granting him with 12% rebate. On the next year, another coupon with 20% is issued for the buyer. Basing on the feedback of the site users it does not work as described.


We did not have an opportunity to check the delivery period because we were refused to ship our parcel to the country from the list of deliveries. Our conclusion is not so bright. We do not recommend this site until management takes measures to get the license and establish a corresponding Customer support center.

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