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This site we recommend to our subscribers based on positive customer comments, proved quality of products, prompt delivery including satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


Hereby we offer you our next review devoted to the company dealing with remedies against different skin problems. In some our earlier reviews we mentioned that the site started its activity 6 years ago. Being a young business the company faced some problems, which we also described in one of our previous review.


As it was already mentioned immediately after the launch of the site the company failed to get license in time and was fined for rather serious amount of money. In half of a year when all issues with licensing have been settled down the company continued its activity and now it gets all license in time.


In the list of remedies one can find almost all treatments against any skin problems starting with skin caring creams and ending with serious remedies sold by prescription. Except for skin care remedies the company decided to increase range of products, which we will describe in one our next reviews.

Price list

The prices are rather affordable and reasonable. This can be said about prices of both original products and generics. We believe that the prices on the site are competitive and almost every user can buy these products.

Customer Support

The only thing we didn’t like about the site operation is Customer support. On the site it is declared that it is available 24/7 but we have faced the situation when we had to wait for the specialist respond for more than two hours. This is the point which the management of the company has to pay attention at.


Despite above described nuisance the site does its best to retain its customers and launched discount policy, which is valid for all registered customers and gives 8% discount. This discount is opened as soon as your purchase amounts to 45 Euro.
Additionally the site introduces coupon system which may give to a customer maximum 35%. Such coupon is provided to those customers who have made either 5 purchases within 6 months or if the customer has round anniversary in the current calendar year.


We recommend this site as we see that despite the failure at the beginning it takes all attempts to avoid any similar and other problems.

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