Verdict: provides a variety of medications that encompass general health, antibiotics, cholesterol management, diabetes care, hair health, and more. It's worth noting that they also offer medications for men's and women's health, a practice sometimes linked to questionable pharmacies.


Are you contemplating using as your online pharmacy? Uncertain about its legitimacy and safety? In this detailed review, we will provide you with comprehensive insights into this pharmacy website to help you make an informed decision.


Let's begin with a crucial aspect: the domain information. As of our research, was registered on August 22, 2022, making it a relatively new entrant to the online pharmacy scene. The domain registrar, NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED, leaves some ambiguity.

Furthermore, the platform has been quite reserved in sharing details about its domain registrant. These factors, a recent registration and limited transparency, raise concerns and cast doubt on the trustworthiness of this pharmacy.

Drugs offers a range of medications covering general health, antibiotics, cholesterol, diabetes, hair care, and more. Notably, they also provide men's and women's health medicines, a practice often associated with rogue pharmacies.

What services does offer? offers pharmaceutical services, likely including a range of prescription and over-the-counter medications. The site may focus on providing convenient access to various treatments without a prior appointment.

Is a legitimate and safe platform for medical purchases?

The legitimacy and safety of as an online pharmacy are not clearly established. Customers should exercise caution and verify the site’s credentials and regulatory compliance before making any purchases.

What types of medications are available at likely offers a variety of medications addressing different health issues. This may include treatments for chronic conditions, lifestyle-related medications, and possibly a selection of generic drugs.

How does handle customer service and support?

Specific details about customer service and support at are not readily available. Prospective customers should look for contact information and service policies on the site to assess their responsiveness and support quality.

Price List

The pharmacy's medications are priced lower than the market average, which should be a cause for caution. Extremely low prices can indicate compromised quality or the procurement of medicines from unlicensed sources.

Drug Name Price
silagra 100 From $0.15
suhagra 100 From $0.1
nizagara 100 mg From $0.2
kamagra 100mg From $0.4
tadacip 20mg From $0.66

Customer Support

Details about the pharmacy's customer support and contact information are notably lacking, which can hinder issue resolution and communication.


The review did not identify any specific discount programs or promotional offers on the website.

Conclusion presents several concerning aspects. Firstly, its domain is relatively new, having only operated for a couple of months. The domain registration details lack transparency, including an ambiguous registrar and limited information about the registrant.

Scamadviser has assigned a low trust rating to the platform, and the business owner conceals their identity using a privacy service. Notably, LegitScript has no record of approval for this pharmacy, likely due to its newness, sale of generic drugs, and potential involvement with unlicensed manufacturers.

The pharmacy offers various medications at prices significantly below market averages, raising concerns about product quality. Payment options include credit cards, with delivery timelines averaging between 10 to 30 business days.

Customer reviews on the website's Testimonials page appear to be manipulated and untrustworthy. Overall, exhibits numerous signs of an unreliable and deceptive online pharmacy.

Given these factors, the platform receives a rating of 1 star, and caution is strongly advised when considering any transactions with this pharmacy.

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