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This is not the first review about the site which trades not only medical devices like blood pressure gauges, thermometers, surgical corsets, elastic bandages, etc. but drugs as well. Actually these medical devices trade was root sphere of the company activity.

As it was mentioned in previous reviews the site was founded seven years ago.


In this review we will tell our readers that in the past there was an incident which resulted in license revocation. It happened due to spoiled medical devices trade. As soon as it was discovered the activity of the company was terminated. According to the management of the company they were disoriented by one of their suppliers. But now everything is settled and the site is granted a year license.


The drugs list of the company contains both generics and original medications. Almost each expensive original item has its cheaper alternative.

Price list

The prices for the drugs are mostly affordable. Still according to information on the site the prices include delivery costs. Payment could be performed either by bank transfer or in cash upon delivery.

Customer Support

In our previous reviews we have already described the service level of the Customer support. Since then we have noticed some positive changes. For example, the agent is always at the desk during his business hours and he responds almost immediately.


The discount policy does not work properly yet. According to the information of the site the discount program grants 25% discount to those customers whose invoice amounts to 150 Euro. In fact this 25% rebate could be obtained by the customer only if the cost of the order amounts to 250 Euro.

Another benefit which is introduced by the company is coupon system. The system randomly chooses the buyer who shall be granted with coupon and given him a gift.


Yes, a lot has been done to improve service level but still there are evident gaps and disadvantages.

Published at 22.07.2018 11:25
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  1. Published at 27.09.2019 04:56

    This is the best authentic and licensed pharmacy. I found all my required medicine from here and saves me the trouble of going anywhere else. The pharmacy also offers amazing discounts. Highly recommend it!

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