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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


As a reader might find out from several reviews the site was launched in 2010, which is actually not true as according to our review it appeared in internet in 2014. Then its operation was terminated for a half a year in 2015 due to some non-conformity with law.


Basing on information of some reviews the license allowing online medications trade has been issued by Medication Trade Supervising Department in 2014. But in fact it was discovered that the license issued in 2014 is not valid anymore and the site needs to get another one to conform the legislation.


According to our latest review it was revealed that the drugs list is rather short and even some medications are not available in store at all. These days it is possible to order just antifebrile drugs and some vitamins at a price mentioned on the site.

Price list

As it was already mentioned the price list is not updated and does not comply with the reality. Prices for some medications are missing, which makes information on the site not transparent enough.

Customer Support

Customer support service operates only five days a week during business hours, which complicates communication with customer supporting staff.


The site does not offer any discount programs as it does not have any discount policies developed.


In conclusion we can say that in order to increase sales and attractiveness the site needs to update drugs list, make site functionality more user-friendly. There should be established customer oriented services. For example, in order to increase attractiveness it is necessary to develop coupon system or discount policy. Such system as coupon attracts not only local customers but also buyers from neighborhood countries. Customer support service should be available 24/7, which proves desire and ability of the company to help customers and improves its rating in the public perception.

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