Verdict: Trust Pharmacy
NutriVitaShop is an online parapharmacy store that started operating in 2011, but their About page says that the company was registered in 2002, so obviously they have re-registered the website in 2011.


The store has been generating positive buzz among customers ever since that time. The company is based in Toronto. The store specializes in nutritional supplements for a variety of purposes, both in wellbeing and fitness.


The company does not require licensing, since it is not a drugstore per se, but a website where nutritional supplements retail. But if you would like to enquire further about the legal basis for their operating, you can contact their customer support department and we are certain that you will be given an exhaustive answer.


The items you can buy at NutriVitaShop are high quality supplements manufactured on the basis of materials supplied by companies with such resonant names as Ajinimoto, Kyowa Hakko, Mitsubishi, Sunland and others. According to the website, all of their products are void of heavy metals, contaminants and subpar excipients, which gives grounds to say that customers of this shop can depend on the quality and eco-friendliness of every item on the company’s offer list. Everything you will find here boasts organic origin which scores additional points of sustainability. We didn’t find any underwhelmed reports shared by customers in NutriVitaShop reviews.

The company pays meticulous attention to the way their products are packaged – kudos to the store for taking that extra step that ensures safe storage and transportation of their ware. You can also find their signature packaging items sold in a dedicated section here.

There are 13 categories of products on website: Amino Acids, Fitness products, Herbal Extracts / Minerals, Natural Weight-Loss aid, Protein powders, Anti-Ageing products, Foil Ziplock Bags, Joint Health items, Pea Protein products, Creatine supplements, Heart Health and Cognitive Health products and Vitamins.

You can also choose to view the supplements by Men’s Health (Prostate Health, Sexual Health, Male Hormone Support) or Women’s Health (Female Hormone Health, Female Sexual Health and Prenatal Vitamins).

Price list

The prices at NutriVitaShop are well correlated to the quality the company delivers, and are quite competitive. Even a quick review suffices to impart the feeling of being quite a competitively priced supplement retailer. You can find the prices for some of their top-selling products below:

Product Name

Product Price

L-Arginine HCL Free Form – 100% Pure US Pharmaceutical Grade Pro Formulated$12.95
Maca (90 Capsules / 500 MG)$15.50
Raw Maca 100% Pure Powder Organically Grown Pharmaceutical Grade$12.95
100% Pure Organic Hemp Protein Powder 50% Isolate USDA nonGMO High Fiber USA$19.95
Gaspari SuperPump MAX Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide 40 Servings$34.95

Customer support

Customer support appears to be one of the strong suits at this website – according to both eBay and TrustPilot NutriVitaShop reviews shared by customers, the customer assistance team is responsive and amiable. On average, it takes 24 hours for them to get back to you with a response, but might take even less.

The website has a SSL certificate ensuring secure connection; the personal data of users is safeguarded, and there have surfaced no complaints about unsolicited promotions by the time we created this NutriVitaShop review.


NutriVitaShop coupon code can be obtained when you become a registered user – the site offers to you a 5% NutriVitaShop discount straight off the bat. Regrettably, there is no comprehensibe link to all current offers they have, but there are still plenty of those going on. Some products are discounted as heavily as by 50%.

We suggest that you opt in for their newsletter (scroll down to the footer to do so) and receive discount alerts to your inbox.


NutriVitaShop is a neatly build webstore providing organic food supplements and vitamins in a well-structured way. The prices here will be a gulp of fresh air for those used to much higher brick-and-mortar supplement store costs.

The store has a reputation of living up to its claims when it comes to shipping and customer services. Among the downsides of this website there should be mentioned the absence of discount section.

The general verdict is that NutriVitaShop is an online store worth your attention price-wise, especially if you appreciate sustainable organic produce with minimal additives.

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