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Order-rxpill.com extends a selection of generic medications to customers both locally and globally. They assert their commitment to delivering medications that match name-brand drugs in terms of dosage, strength, quality, and safety, thereby providing equivalent therapeutic advantages.


As the number of online pharmacies continues to grow, distinguishing reliable ones from deceptive ones becomes increasingly challenging. Deceptive pharmacies mimic genuine ones, aiming to deceive and defraud individuals of their hard-earned money. In this article, we delve into a thorough review of order-rxpill.com, a rapidly expanding pharmacy in Moscow. This company claims to prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering quality and approved medications and supplies. Our review aims to assess whether these claims hold true or if order-rxpill.com falls into the category of dubious online pharmacies.


The domain registration of order-rxpill.com provides essential information for evaluating its legitimacy and authority. According to whois.com, the domain was registered on April 24, 2019, and last updated on February 8, 2023. This suggests a relatively long existence, potentially accumulating reviews and recommendations over time. The domain is set to expire on April 24, 2026, indicating a long-term outlook.

However, there are concerns about the address and phone number provided in the registrant section, which appear suspicious, with the address resembling a mailbox address.


Order-rxpill.com offers a range of generic drugs to customers domestically and internationally. They claim to provide medications with the same dosage, strength, quality, and safety as name-brand drugs, offering the same therapeutic benefits.

What is Order-rxpill.com and what does it offer?

Order-rxpill.com is an online pharmacy that offers a variety of medications. They specialize in providing both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, catering to various health conditions.

Is Order-rxpill.com a trustworthy source for purchasing medications?

The trustworthiness of Order-rxpill.com as a source for purchasing medications is not fully established. It's advised for customers to verify the pharmacy’s credibility, check its licensing, and read customer reviews before making a purchase.

What types of medications can be found on Order-rxpill.com?

Order-rxpill.com likely offers a range of medications, including treatments for chronic conditions, lifestyle-related medications, and other general health products. They may have both generic and brand-name options available.

What are the shipping and payment policies of Order-rxpill.com?

The specific shipping and payment policies of Order-rxpill.com might not be clear. Customers should contact the pharmacy directly for accurate information on shipping fees, delivery times, accepted payment methods, and any return or refund policies.

Price List

The website promotes significant cost savings, potentially up to 90%, even without insurance. Competitive pricing strategies aim to make healthcare more affordable.

Drug Name Price
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Customer Support

Order-rxpill.com emphasizes satisfying customers from start to finish. They provide detailed information about their services, dosages, and safety, indicating a commitment to customer well-being. However, a trust score of 1 out of 100 on scamadviser.com raises concerns.


While affordability is highlighted, caution is advised regarding potentially enticing discounts.


In conclusion, our review of order-rxpill.com reveals red flags. While the domain has been registered for several years, concerns about address authenticity and a low trust score on scamadviser.com cast doubt on its legitimacy. Additionally, the absence of regulatory approvals and reviews further raises suspicion.

Despite claims of offering generic drugs and affordable prices, the overall trustworthiness of order-rxpill.com remains questionable. We rate this online pharmacy with 1 out of 5 stars, cautioning potential customers to exercise extreme caution.

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