ProgressiveRx is a moderate-cost e-pharmacy specializing in both prescription and OTC generic drugs.


The pharmacy is favored by uninsured US citizens and families with a budget to consider By the time this ProgressiveRx review was written, the company has been around for more than 15 years, its history dating back to January 2004.

The main page features a video with the founder of the drugstore Haydon Hamilton relating the story of its conception: ProgressiveRx discount pharmacy was created to help friends and family find affordable healthcare solutions, and over the years has grown to be popular among hundreds of thousands of customers.


There is a clearly visible notice on the website’s FAQ page disclaiming the fact of being licensed for the sale of drugs within the US: however, although not exactly certified, the import of drugs for personal use is not prohibited by the authorities, as long as the ordered quantities do not exceed supplies required for 90 days of medicating. By complying with this rule, the pharmacy has been successfully operating for almost 16 years now in a scrupulous and people-serving manner.

ProgressiveRx is headquartered in San Francisco, and it has been favorably reviewed by the mass media (San Francisco Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, The AARP Bulletin, and The Oregonian are among them).


ProgressiveRx discount prices are fueled by the idea of bringing assorted choice of generic pills produced in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Europe. The quality is tested by the management itself, so one can rely on the supply being of hand-picked nature. You will find drugs against the majority of known conditions here, all of them generically manufactured, sold under prescription or OTC, as well as pet medicines.

Price list

ProgressiveRx reviews coincide in recommending the drugstore as one of the most fairly priced e-commerce players of the present day. The only way to shake down the price is by finding a ProgressiveRx coupon on the Web, but the good news is that there is a free USPS delivery offered to everyone who’ve ordered for $99,00 and above. The prices are admittedly not the lowest as compared to other distributors of generics, but they are certainly on the lower side of the spectrum. We have picked several random items to illustrate that:

Drug Name Price
Levitra From $1.66
Lexapro From $0.43
Viagra From $0.89
Fildena From $2.86
Avana From $0.34

Customer support

Customer support can be reached via a toll-free US number or by email. The majority of reviews laud the support reps for responsiveness and scrupulousness with assisting shoppers. There might be delays with answering, but those usually happen around busier seasons.


…are non-existent outside of ProgressiveRx coupon code (if any) redeemed at the checkout page. There is a free shipping offer though, as mentioned above.


ProgressiveRx wins hands down in the category of most unusual generic drugstore, all thanks to this “little smoke-filled room” feel to it. The pharmacy is entirely dedicated to providing carefully picked pills of high quality for a reasonable price to uninsured customers, and it has been performing impressively well, at least up to the day this review was written.

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