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An evaluation of Rx-qualityshop.com's business profile uncovers a noticeable lack of details regarding the company's location and the individuals responsible for the website, suggesting a failure to meet legal obligations. ScamAdviser has assigned a mere 1% trust score to the site, and NABP has designated it as "Not Recommended."


Rx-qualityshop.com is an internet-based pharmacy that claims to offer an extensive array of medical products spanning over 20 categories. They provide a single customer support phone number, seemingly based in the United States, and also offer a 24/7 live chat feature for immediate assistance. In this comprehensive evaluation, we will thoroughly assess Rx-QualityShop.com to ascertain its credibility and safety as an online pharmacy. Our objective is to equip you with essential insights for an informed decision about the reliability and trustworthiness of this platform for your healthcare requirements.


Upon inspecting the domain details of Rx-qualityshop.com, it was established that the domain was registered on April 28, 2020, with its last update recorded on March 1, 2022. The domain's expiration date is April 28, 2023. However, crucial registrant information is concealed, revealing only that the domain is registered in Spain. While the short lifespan of the domain and the hidden ownership details might raise concerns, further inquiry is necessary to determine the legitimacy of this online pharmacy.


Examining the business profile of Rx-qualityshop.com reveals a conspicuous absence of information regarding the business's location and the individuals behind the website, indicating non-compliance with legal requirements. The website exhibits a mere 1% trust score on ScamAdviser and has been flagged as “Not Recommended” by NABP. Furthermore, despite being in operation for over two years, the absence of reviews on Trustpilot.com is disconcerting and implies that the website may lack trustworthiness. These factors collectively raise red flags, casting doubt on the legitimacy of this online pharmacy.

What is Rx-qualityshop.com and what does it offer?

Rx-qualityshop.com is an online pharmacy that offers a variety of medications. They likely provide both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, covering a range of health conditions and treatments.

Is Rx-qualityshop.com a reliable and safe source for medications?

The reliability and safety of Rx-qualityshop.com as an online source for medications are not fully confirmed. Customers are advised to research the pharmacy's legitimacy, check for regulatory compliance, and read customer reviews before making purchases.

What types of medications can be found on Rx-qualityshop.com?

Rx-qualityshop.com likely offers a range of medications for various health issues, including treatments for chronic diseases, lifestyle drugs, and general health products. They may provide both generic and brand-name options for these medications.

What are the shipping and payment policies at Rx-qualityshop.com?

Specific shipping and payment policies at Rx-qualityshop.com may not be clearly outlined. Customers should directly contact the pharmacy for information on shipping rates, delivery times, accepted payment methods, and any return or exchange policies.

Price list

Upon assessing the available products and pricing on Rx-qualityshop.com, it becomes apparent that substantial discounts ranging from 15% to 90% are offered on most products, a practice highly uncommon and suspicious in the pharmaceutical industry. Customers are presented with a variety of currency options for their purchases. While this online pharmacy primarily specializes in medications for men's health, hair loss, antibiotics (such as amoxilzithromaxflagyllevofloxacin, ciprofloxacin), diabetes, and mental health, the absence of detailed product information on their website raises concerns regarding the quality and authenticity of the medicines being sold.

Drug Name Price
silagra 100 From $0.15
suhagra 100 From $0.1
nizagara 100 mg From $0.2
kamagra 100mg From $0.4
tadacip 20mg From $0.66

Customer Support

Rx-qualityshop.com prioritizes customer support to ensure a seamless and reliable experience. They provide a single customer support phone number, accessible for inquiries and assistance, with a notable presence in the United States. Additionally, the website features a 24/7 live chat functionality, enabling customers to seek real-time help whenever they need it. This commitment to accessible and continuous support underscores the pharmacy's dedication to serving its customers effectively.


One of the standout features of Rx-qualityshop.com is its generous discounts, making healthcare more affordable. The platform offers substantial price reductions, ranging from 15% to a remarkable 90%, on a wide array of medical products. These discounts are designed to provide customers with cost-effective options for their healthcare needs. By availing these discounts, customers can access quality medications at more affordable prices, further enhancing the value proposition of Rx-qualityshop.com.


In conclusion, Rx-qualityshop.com exhibits multiple red flags, rendering it an unreliable and unsafe online pharmacy. The lack of transparency regarding location and identity, low trust scores, unfavorable ratings from regulatory bodies, substantial product discounts, and insufficient product information collectively raise doubts about the quality and authenticity of the medications offered. Consequently, it is advisable for customers to refrain from utilizing this website for their healthcare needs and to explore more dependable and trustworthy alternatives. This pharmacy receives a rating of 1 star.

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