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We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


As it was mentioned in a well-known review in the Internet the site exists since 2010. The main goal of its creation was to meet the needs of customers across the world in terms of providing quality and better prices for drugs of the majority of global manufacturers.


According to the regulations valid in the country of the of site residence and as it necessarily has to be mentioned in this review they have got a license allowing sell both generics and brand name medications.


In close study of some reviews we are informed that the site deals with medicines having highest efficacy and with FDA and WHO approved medicines only, although those can be both generics and brand name drugs. The drug list of the site contains brief information about symptoms and diseases for which each drug is designed.

Price list

In order to respond to the comments and claims made in other reviews the price list is was converted into three most common currencies: US dollars, Euro and Pounds sterling. Recalculation is performed according to the exchange rate valid on the day of inquiry.

Customer Support

The Customer support service operates every day including official holidays. Main task of Customer support service is to assist customers in making correct choice, as well as to help them if they have difficulties to finalize and pay for the order. Along with the prices, delivery terms and more detailed information about medications and efficient customer support service is also responsible for rare claims.


To make pricing more cost effective the company issues the coupon which is valid for all online apothecaries included into the chain. The coupon has limits within which it has to be used. This option is given to each and every customer before public holidays and three days before and three days after birthday of the customer.

On top of that the site grants discount which is valid only for original drugs. The user of discount can buy original drugs at a price 15 % lower.


This site is indeed helping to save money and time providing for easy online drugs ordering. Wide range of always available medications makes this site popular among online buyers.

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