Verdict: takes pride in its broad range of generic medications, all sourced from India. This includes a diverse selection of essential drugs, such as anti-inflammatory medications, antiviral treatments, cancer drugs, and more.


Welcome to the realm of online pharmacies, where convenience often comes with a side of caution., a Canadian-based virtual pharmacy, has entered the scene, offering a variety of branded and generic medications sourced from Indian plants. Their claim of FDA India approval and adherence to the regulations set by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940 appears promising. In this article, we delve deep into the legitimacy of to ascertain whether it can be deemed a reliable source for medication purchases or if it falls within the realm of potential scams. Let's uncover the facts and gain insights into the safety and dependability of this virtual pharmacy.


Examining the domain information reveals that is registered with GKG.Net, Inc. and was established on February 21, 2023. Its domain is set to expire on February 21, 2024, with the latest update recorded on April 10, 2023. The domain status is currently labeled as “clientTransferProhibited,” indicating that there are restrictions in place to prevent domain transfer to another registrar. This information holds significance when assessing the website's credibility and reliability as a platform for online medication purchases.

Drugs prides itself on offering an extensive selection of generic medications sourced from India. This encompasses a wide array of essential medications, including anti-inflammatory drugs, antiviral treatments, cancer medicines, and more. The website asserts that all products are FDA India-approved, aiming to instill confidence in their quality and safety.

While the diverse range of generic medications offers cost-effective alternatives to their branded counterparts, it is imperative for customers to exercise caution and independently verify the authenticity and legitimacy of both the products and the claims made by the website.

What is and what does it offer? is an online pharmacy that claims to offer a variety of medications. They likely provide both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, potentially focusing on treatments for common health issues and chronic diseases.

Is a legitimate and safe source for medications?

The legitimacy and safety of as a source for medications are not fully confirmed. Customers are advised to exercise caution and conduct due diligence, such as verifying the site's credentials and checking customer reviews, before making purchases.

What types of medications are available at may offer a range of medications, including treatments for various health conditions. The pharmacy is likely to provide both generic and brand-name drugs, catering to different healthcare needs.

What are the payment and shipping policies of

Detailed information about the payment and shipping policies of is not provided. Potential customers should contact the pharmacy directly for accurate information on payment methods, shipping costs, delivery times, and return policies.

Price List

To enhance the shopping experience, extends a 10% discount to users of their mobile app, encouraging the convenience of mobile-based shopping. This is in addition to their already competitive pricing for generic medications. While this may be enticing, customers are strongly advised to conduct thorough research and verify the credibility and authenticity of the products and claims before making any purchases.

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Customer Support

The customer support provided by appears promising, offering multiple channels of contact through a comprehensive “Contact Us” section, including a helpline, email, and a convenient form. This demonstrates their commitment to providing accessible customer support. Additionally, a detailed FAQ section aims to address common queries and provide essential information to potential buyers.

However, the absence of information regarding the owner or physical address may raise transparency and accountability concerns. Nevertheless, the website's user-friendly interface and the availability of essential communication options contribute to a generally positive impression of their customer support.


As mentioned earlier, offers a 10% discount via their mobile app, providing users with added incentive to embrace the convenience of mobile shopping.


In conclusion, receives a low rating of just 1 star, indicating significant concerns about its legitimacy and trustworthiness as an online pharmacy. The absence of crucial regulatory certifications from reputable organizations like NABP and CIPA, coupled with its “rogue” categorization by LegitScript, underscores doubts about its compliance with regulatory standards.

The presence of unfavorable customer reviews further diminishes its credibility. Given these findings, consumers are strongly advised to exercise extreme caution and seek alternative, verified, and reputable online pharmacies to ensure the safety, authenticity, and reliability of their online medication purchases. Engaging with may pose significant risks to both health and financial well-being.

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