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Verdict:, an alleged online pharmacy, prominently showcases approvals from reputable regulatory organizations like CIPA, NABP, and FDA. These endorsements aim to affirm the pharmacy's dedication to maintaining stringent safety and quality benchmarks.

History is an online pharmacy offering both generic and branded medicines at competitive prices, catering to a global clientele. Their distinguishing feature is a commitment to ensuring product authenticity by carefully selecting trusted suppliers. This analysis delves into the credibility of, scrutinizing whether their claims hold true and if they can be relied upon for pharmaceutical needs.


The domain has been registered with GKG.Net, Inc. since November 30, 2020, with an expiration date set for November 30, 2023. The most recent update to the domain's information was made on July 4, 2022. Its current status, “clientTransferProhibited,” implies restrictions on transferring the domain to another registrar. This historical domain data provides valuable insights into its registration and status, contributing to the assessment of's legitimacy.

Drugs, purportedly an online pharmacy, prominently features endorsements from well-known regulatory bodies such as CIPA, NABP, and FDA. These endorsements are intended to testify to the pharmacy's commitment to adhering to high safety and quality standards. However, upon closer scrutiny, it becomes evident that these claims are unsupported. The official websites of CIPA and NABP lack any documentation or records confirming's approval or accreditation. This inconsistency raises doubts about the pharmacy's legitimacy and ethical practices.

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For prospective customers seeking reliable medication sources, these discrepancies can be deeply disconcerting. The absence of valid regulatory endorsements calls into question the authenticity of other claims made by the online pharmacy. Individuals seeking informed decisions about their health and well-being are advised to exercise caution and thoroughly research the legitimacy of any pharmacy before making a purchase.

Drug Name Price
Silagra From $0.15
Suhagra From $0.1
Nizagara From $0.2
Kamagra From $0.4
Tadacip From $0.66

Customer Support

In the digital age, a reputable online business is expected to provide transparent and easily accessible contact information, fostering trust and enabling customers to communicate inquiries or concerns. Unfortunately, falls short in this aspect. The pharmacy's business profile lacks essential contact details, such as an official email address, physical address, and verifiable ownership information, which raises concerns among discerning consumers.

Discounts offers a range of discounts and special offers to make healthcare more affordable for its customers. These discounts apply to both generic and branded medications, allowing individuals to access essential treatments at reduced prices. The platform understands the financial challenges many people face when it comes to healthcare expenses and aims to provide cost-effective solutions. Customers can explore various discount options to maximize their savings and ensure that their pharmaceutical needs are met without straining their budgets. By offering discounts, strives to enhance its value proposition and make quality healthcare accessible to a broader audience.


When evaluating the legitimacy of an online pharmacy, a combination of factors must be considered. In the case of, the mismatch between claimed regulatory endorsements, limited business transparency, and the absence of verified customer reviews raises significant concerns. These cumulative red flags suggest a high likelihood of the platform being a potential scam. Therefore, we rate this online pharmacy with only 1 star!

It is imperative for potential customers to exercise caution, prioritize their safety and well-being, and seek reputable and verifiable sources for their pharmaceutical needs.

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