The present review we start with the information that this year the company celebrates a 10th anniversary on the online trade market.


The present review we start with the information that this year the company celebrates a 10th anniversary on the online trade market. During passed two years the company opens seven branches around the country. In our earlier reviews we have mentioned that the goal was to have 15 offices by 10th anniversary. They achieved this goal.


From the very start of their activity the company complies with the local legislation requirements. They get a corresponding license for every new product range. All existing licenses are duly prolonged.


The enterprise mainly focuses on the remedies treating inflammatory diseases of kidneys and liver. Of course, except to those remedies the customer will always find other medications and supplements used against any other health disorders. In addition the company offers for sale and rent equipment for disabled people, like wheel-chairs, crutches, sticks and other similar stuff. More detailed information we will provide in our next review.

What is and what does it offer? is an online store that offers a wide range of products, potentially including electronics, apparel, home goods, and health and wellness items. It aims to provide a diverse shopping experience with various categories of goods.

Is a reliable and secure online shopping platform?

The reliability and security of for online shopping are not fully established. Customers should exercise caution, verify the site's authenticity, and look at customer reviews before making any purchases to ensure a safe shopping experience.

What types of products are available on may offer a diverse range of products across various categories. This typically includes electronics, clothing, home and kitchen items, and possibly health and wellness products. The exact selection can vary based on their stock.

What are the shipping and payment options at

Information regarding the shipping and payment options at might not be detailed. Customers are advised to contact the website directly for accurate information about shipping costs, delivery timelines, accepted payment methods, and return policies.

Price list

Prices for medications are rather competitive, which allows people of different income to buy them. Prices for equipment rent are also affordable. There are good prices even for brand-named remedies comparing to other online drugstores. In our future reviews we shall describe the pricing policy.

Drug Name Price
silagra reviews From $0.15
suhagra 100mg price From $0.1
nizagara alcohol From $0.2
kamagra store From $0.4
tadacip by cipla From $0.66

Customer Support

As for Customer Support it aimed at service customers around the clock. Operators are always available at the desk. They are rather qualified and trained to provide high quality recommendations. All of them regularly attend training course on novelties in pharmaceutical industry as well as on customer support standards upgrade.


Similar to many other online drugstores this one has its own discount policy. Under this discount policy the customer is awarded with 15% discount only for each third purchase amounting to 55 dollars. At the same time not so long ago the company has introduced a new coupon system which offers the buyers to collect coupons granted after every purchase. The rules of this coupon system provide a rebate in the amount of 10% in case of 5 collected coupons.


The site offers quick delivery the cost of which depends on the total amount of your purchase. The more you buy the less you pay for delivery. Also it should be mentioned that the site is reliable and products sold there are of high quality.

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