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Speedyhealth.com, situated in Wilmington, Delaware, functions as a US-based pharmacy. The website asserts its collaboration with healthcare experts and national regulatory bodies to prioritize customer safety. To acquire an online prescription, customers are asked to register an account and fill out an online questionnaire.


The majority of people now turn to online sources for prescription drugs, but the unfortunate reality is that less than 5% of these online pharmacies are legitimate due to a lack of proper licensing. Selling counterfeit medications is a major reason why many of these websites fail to secure certifications and licenses. Determining the legitimacy of an online pharmacy can be challenging, requiring thorough research on reviews and other critical information. In this context, we delve into Speedyhealth.com, a website that may pose risks to patients despite its seemingly appealing interface.


Speedyhealth.com, registered since 2003 and active until 2030, appears to have a longstanding online presence, which typically garners trust. However, it's noteworthy that the current domain owner only acquired the website in 2006. This raises questions about the website's consistency over the years.


Speedyhealth.com operates as an American pharmacy based in Wilmington, Delaware. While the website claims to collaborate with medical professionals and national regulators to ensure customer safety, it requires customers to create an account and complete an online questionnaire to obtain an online prescription. This approach raises suspicions common among scam operations.

What types of medical treatments does Speedyhealth.com offer?

Speedyhealth.com offers a wide range of medical treatments, including those for male pattern baldness, birth control, period delay, bacterial vaginosis, genital herpes, acid reflux, weight loss, and more. Their product range encompasses both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Is Speedyhealth.com a legitimate online pharmacy?

Speedyhealth.com has been operating for many years, but there are concerns about its legitimacy due to the lack of visible regulatory approvals and possible deceptive practices. Customers should exercise caution and verify the pharmacy's credentials.

What payment and shipping options are available at Speedyhealth.com?

Speedyhealth.com accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards. They offer standard airmail and express delivery, with free shipping under certain conditions. However, details of their shipping policy should be confirmed on their website.

Are there customer reviews available for Speedyhealth.com?

Despite being operational for many years, Speedyhealth.com lacks substantial customer reviews on independent platforms. This scarcity makes it challenging to assess customer satisfaction and service quality.

Price List

Prices for medications on Speedyhealth.com are relatively higher than those offered by other online pharmacies, which would be justified if the website were legitimate. However, given the concerns about its authenticity, these prices become questionable.

Drug Name Price
silagra online From $0.15
suhagra 50mg From $0.1
nizagara 100 india From $0.2
kamagra 100mg price From $0.4
tadacip 20 cipla From $0.66

Customer Support

The website offers customer support for inquiries about medicines, although the lack of direct access to medical professionals heightens the risk of incorrect prescriptions and low-quality medications.


Speedyhealth.com accepts payments only through credit cards and provides free next-day shipping to select U.S. states. However, considering the credibility concerns, the payment process should be approached cautiously.


Despite its extensive online presence, Speedyhealth.com raises several red flags that cast doubt on its legitimacy. The absence of displayed certifications, regulatory approvals, and customer reviews from trusted sources suggests that it may be a risky venture. Therefore, a 2-star rating reflects the significant concerns surrounding this pharmacy.

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